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Thursday, June 27, 2013

I saw something in the tree!!

Today while Abby was walking me, I saw something in a tree! I could smell a bird , and maybe a squirrel. Abby was waving at someone going to school, but I barked to her and said " There's no time to wave to someone! Help me climb up this tree so I can try to eat one of those birds  try to pet one of those birds". Clearly she didn't understand me. She knew I wanted to go up the tree, but she just said " Evvvvaaa" " Noooo" ( Her " No" wasn't one of those firm nos when you do something bad, it was just an easy going no, I don't know why she said it). The bird in the tree was laughing at me, so I told the bird I knew the Littlest Pet Shop Gloria Winters. The bird stopped laughing and gave me some respect. I tried to climb the tree. Didn't work. Then Abby said " Come on Eva, let's go!". She dragged me the opposite way of the tree, in my mind I thought, Tomorrow, I will do better, and climb the tree. Licks and Wags, Eva

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Try something New A Day, Episode ( Lost count!) :: Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt. Have you every heard of it? Frozen Yogurt is getting more and more popular. I keep seeing  frozen yogurt places open up, some are do it yourself, you can pick how much you want, and it's kinda like a slushie stand where you put it in your cup. And some are just like a normal ice cream place where they do it for you. Mostly you see soft serve frozen yogurt, but some places also sell frozen yogurt in the texture as hard ice cream
. Today I'm trying out the soft serve kind, and we went to a place where you did it yourself. You go in, they explain what to do and you chose your froyo ( Frozen yogurt) They also allowed you to try samples on the froyos. The place we went charged by weight, they would weigh it when you're done. I had mixed berry and green apple tart. After you chose how much yogurt you want, you can add toppings! Then they weigh it.

They give you very large bowls to put your yogurt in, and I think if you fill it up to the top it would be quite expensive. I didn't even have half a bowl, and it was about $5. You can get a normal soft serve ice cream cone for $3 at other places. So one thing I didn't like, was how they price it. When you go to a slushie place you pay for the cup, and you can fill the cup as high as you want!
 It was fun getting to put toppings on and getting to chose how much you wanted. Now for the taste. I don't think it tastes like yogurt. For me it's good for the first five bites, but then it gets kinda " gummy tasting" for me. And then I start to not like it too too much. I'm not sure why this happens. And this wasn't the only place  where after the first five bites it tastes gummy. Over all, I give frozen yogurt a 4/10 for taste and price. For being able to do it yourself and decorate it at the place, I give decorating 10/10. ~ Abby ca.K.e

Monday, June 24, 2013

Fundraising Party on the weekend!b

On Saturday, a friend and I went shopping to a store that was closing out. Everything was $10 and under.
In the evening, we went to a park and had a BBQ, and there was a pond with cute baby ducklings! BUT, that was the time I forgot to bring my camera! GRR! On Sunday, it was the last day for us puppets until September. My puppet ( Sassy) and Alfie ( Another puppet) did the show. I had to do most of the talking, Sassy was talking about creation to the kids. I always get the boring parts!!!! In the evening, Esther and a friend had their fundraising night. Esther was part of the worship team at the fundraising!
~ Abby ca.K.e

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I don't like the rain

Abby likes the rain, she always tells me she wishes it will rain. WHY? To see a rainbow after it rains? I HATE getting wet. I HATE having a shower. ( You might be thinking, dogs have showers? MOST dogs get baths, but I'm too cute for that, I get a shower) And I HATE the rain. I get sooo wet when I go outside when it rains, I don't get it why Abby likes it soo much. Does a special person or creature come out when it rains? Worms? No, Abby hates worms. This seems like a mystery. What do you think? Or does she like to roll in the wet grass and get dirty like SOME big dogs? I'm a dog, I don't solve mysteries. YOU need to help me solve this. Licks and Wags, Eva.

Meet Crystal!

Today I welcome you Crystal, one of my new Littlest Pet Shops!

My name is Crystal, and I can finally live with my sister Gloria! Gloria has a younger sister? Yes, she also has an older sister, but we won't mention her. I just moved in because I am an assistant for Daisy, ( I won't spoil everything and tell you her last name and all, you'll have you wait until she does her post about herself!) as an assistant for Daisy I help her find outfits for shows, and help her do her stage make-up. I also tell her when she has something planned. I'm also a mail messenger, for the LPSPS ( Littlest Pet Shop Postal Service) But being a mail messenger doesn't take that long. 
 Gender : Girl
 Name : Crystal Winters
Age : 17  ( The age Gloria was when she told everyone about her! But now she's twenty three, littlest pet shop years)
City you live in: Never say what city you live in on the internet!!! I live in toy world, that's as close as I can say!
school : I Don't go to school anymore, in toy world you're an adult at age sixteen.
Best friend : Don't have one YET, but I'm sure I'll make some friends here, everyone's so nice! 
Band that I am in : None 
sport that I am in :  Flying around delivering messages for four hours is enough exercise for me, I also have to run around Daisy's room to find stuff she's looking for, and run and get anything she needs from a store.
favorite movie :  The movie Epic.
One thing about me
: I might seem shy at first, but once you get to know me I'm not shy at all!
I hoped you enjoyed learning about me! Gotta flap my wings and fly, ~ Crystal.

Ten things to do when bored

Soon summer will come, and no one will be doing school. ( Except for us homeschoolers who always do a little bit of school in the summer) AND, many kids will be " Bored" so here are ten things to do when
bored .
1. Bake healthy cookies or a cake or cupcakes
2. Draw a comic with your own carictors and story line
3. Exercise
4. Stretch, try to learn how to do the splits!
5. Learn how to do a craft
6. draw
7. Groom your pet if you have one, or groom a stuffed  animal
8. Write a song
9. Paint a rock
10.  Go outside and run around.
 ~ Abby ca.K.e

Street Party on the weekend!!

On Saturday, I had a friend come over.  Every year my area of the city has a block/street party for everyone who lives in the neighborhood. My friend lives in my neighborhood, so we went to the street party together. There was a free mini carnival, in which you would play carnival games, and your wrist band would get a stamp. If you had ten points you could get something, then at twenty, then at thirty, that at sixty. So my friend and I played the games and we got twenty points, so I let her chose two things from the prize stand, because there wasn't anything I wanted. We also went on the swings at a park, and when we got home we did a craft and had lunch. Then she had to go home. In the evening, we watched an old movie called " Royal Wedding". It was a Fred Astaire movie, so it had lots of dancing and singing. I didn't really like the movie. Yeah the dancing was so cool in some of the sceens, but it wasn't a movie I would see again. On Sunday it was F
ather's day!!! I made my dad heart waffles with raspberry sauce! I also made him a card. Then we went to church, and it was my last day in child care, and me and the kids had a great time like always. What did you do for Father's day? ~ Abby ca.K.e

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Changed the blog design again.

Remember I changed the blog design to that orange color with that pattern? Well, I'm starting to hate it. It just isn't the blog, (in my opinion). I liked the more peaceful color, and it fit the blog more. So today, I changed the blog design back to the old one we've had for years. I like it more. I'm sorry if you liked the orange design, but when I looked at the blog with the orange design, it just didn't feel like our blog. I hope you like the old design again! ~ Abby ca.K.e

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Meet more of the littlest pet shop crew!

Ladies and Gentlemen, cute doggies and toys, today I will be showing you the new littlest pet shops I got from my friend...............
                                              My name is Crystal, and I am Gloria Winter's younger sister.
                                          I am a mail woman, and a messenger. Each of the Littlest Pet Shops including me will get their own blog post to tell them you more about themselves!!
                                            Yo wazup?? My name is Sage, and I'm one of those cool cowboys. I train race horses to be in races, and I'm also a manger of a theater. Can't wait to do my own post to tell ya'll more about me! Sage is OUT!
                                         My name is Daisy, and I am a dancer for Sage's theater. We do plays and musicals, and I also like to go hunting. It will be so exiting to tell you more about me!
                                             This is not finished yet, Abby didn't like my nose because it was pink. She said " You're nose is such an ugly nose for a toy, I MUST change your nose because I can't bear the sight of you". For every toy in the land, it is the most pleasure to have a make-over by Abby. So right now my name is " This is not finished yet" and I am a race horse.
                                             My name is Si. I am a very fast horse. My owner is Sage, Abby told me I am one of her new favorite littlest pet shops. That is better than winning a thosand races, not every toy Abby has gets to hear those words, and when you hear those words, you never have to worry about being given away or sold. Other littlest pet shops think racce horses don't have hearts, but we do, and we are littlest pet shop. Sometimes I get a little controlling, and sometimes I make Sage really mad. I can't wait to tell you more about me!
                                              Aren't they lovely????  ~ Abby ca.K.e

Camping trip!!

I didn't get to do a  blog post for two days because I was away camping! We were gone for three days, came to the camp place on day one, had a whole day to hike, and on the third day we came home. We stayed in a Yurt, because some people in our family don't like real camping. So I guess we went Yurting. Eva did not come because dogs aren't allowed in yurts. We also met a park cleaner who is one of our friends from musical! . Here are the photos
                                             You need to turn your head  to see this the right way.
                                            On the way to the washrooms, we saw a whole bunch of dead butterflies on the road. ( Trust me, they where dead or almost dying) So Esther and I brought some of them back to our yurt and took some photos.
                                            Who is she? Stay tuned in another post.
                                        There was one alive, who was dying, and it didn't want to go off of Esther's hand!
                                              One random wing we found on the road.
                                             A photo on a hike...
                                            Esther found something that had the ten commandments on it!!!

                                               A happy family on a happy camping trip.. ~ Abby ca.K.e

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I WANT it!

Us kids always want something. Sometimes we change the want to " Need" to make it sound better. I want that new toy/ I NEED that new toy. At the store last week, I saw something I really " wanted" it was this mini icecream stand set. It was $ 14.99. If it was only $10 or $5, I would have bought it right away, because I can afford buying a toy for LESS then fifteen dollars. I went home and  thought about " Do I really want this hard enough that I should get it"?. No. I didn't. My friend who was there when we both saw the toy got the toy, so I took a look at it, and made me  my final decision.
This photo is not mine, this is Google's photo. All the rights of this photo go to google. ( This was the set I wanted). At my friends house, I really looked at the toy. And I thought a LOT about the toy. It was so cute, and it came with tiny pieces! The girl's dress and her hair style looks incredibly awesome. BUT, that little part of my brain saying " want want want want want want I want that toy" shut down. For some reason I was not jealous of my friend, for getting the set. Another thing, once I made up my mind that I don't want it, I just got some extra money from a cleaning job.  After that, another one of my friends let me chose some of her littlest pet shops, and that's something I do want! If you want something, sleep on it. Think about it, because getting a new toy only lasts a moment, then it gets old. ~ Abby ca.K.e ( NOTE, the littlest pet shops from my friend wasn't a sodden want, I've wanted some of the older littlest pet shops she has for a while, that want was different) ( Also the littlest pet shops she had where rare, they aren't in stores anymore. If I did want the ice cream stand again I could find it more easy)

Monday, June 10, 2013

I don't like being groomed

Grrrrr, Abby has been TRYING to groom me, but I've been moving and squirming,, and she usually gives up. BARK BARK BARK! Abby likes putting bows into my hair, and I HATE it!!! I need to go bark  at a cat, Licks and Wags, Eva.

Crafty Wednesday, Dad made a mini doughnut!

Yesterday night, dad wanted to go on the Wii. But I didn't feel  like playing any video games, or board-games.  So I got an idea, dad was going to make something out of clay. He wanted to make a doughnut, and I say, his looks AMAZING!!! Way better than anything when I started out, and some people online sell doughnuts that look like that!
                                         Dad made this one! Amazing!!!!
                                             He also made this one, his original idea! It looks sooo good! This was my dad's first time making something out of polymer clay, and I know who I got my talent from! * HINT hint*.  It was so fun watching my dad make it " Perfect". ~ Abby ca.K.e

Littlest Pet Shop party on the weekend!

On Saturday, in the morning I went to a friend's house, afternoon was a break, then I went to Esther's voice recital, here are some photos of that...
                                                      Esther doing a pose I told her to do.
                                                         Esther singing...
                                                          She did wonderful and never messed up.
                                                       Esther's friend took these last photos...
                                                       I wasn't there BECAUSE, I was at a BBQ for a program that we might do next school year. Sorry, this is only for homeschoolers. We had a blast, playing games and walking around, when we got home Esther and I went for a run. On Sunday, we went to church, then I went to another friend's house. Her mom let us buy some sweets at Seven 11. I got five small pieces of gummy candy, a SMALL chocolate bar, then we shared a bag of chips. But something wonderful happened, my friend is getting rid of some of her Littlest Pet Shops, and she let me chose a whole bunch of them!!!! I'll show you a picture of the a different day, but it was so wonderful! Then I came home, had supper, played some games with the family, then Esther and I went on a another run. ~ Abby ca.K.e

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Crazy Busy On The Weekend!

Weekends, are extremely busy in my house. On Saturday, I DID get a day to myself, but on Sunday, almost every hour we had something. Morning before church: I had to finish  making a present to someone. Church, I was in Child care.After church, Esther was talking to some of her friends so we left church late. Home, made lunch, ate. Practiced a gymnastics move with my dad outside. Mowed the lawn, helped move our grape vine. Went to pick up a friend and her mom. Went on a walk with my friend and her mom ( My mom and her mom talked together) In the walk, I told my friend how awesome the movie Epic is. ( I just saw it on Thursday, and I LOVE it, I recommend this movie!) Came home with friend, did some fun stuff, had supper, THEN, dropped off friend and mom back at their house, and went to another friend's dance recital! ( Days not over yet, even though it's already 6:30). After dance recital ( Ended at 9:00 PM) I had to make cookies and muffins for my dads work.
Busy day eh? Every hour I had something. I love busy days, do you? ~ Abby ca.K.e
                                          A flower!

                                                    These two clay creations are smaller than your thumb nail.
                                               Popcorn that took two hours to make...
                                          Angel cupcake and a devil!

                                           This is what the two clay creations where for.
                                               This was inspired by the movie Epic. ;)

                                                  Aren't they cute?

Try something new a day, episode 19 POPTARTS!!

Today, I made poptarts! Don't worry, they're healthy AND vegan!!!! We ate them all before taking a photo, but here is a link to the recipe if you want to see what they look like. We made blueberry poptarts! I LOVED to make them, and they taste delicious! They taste just like how I remember real poptarts taste like.  10/10!! But, I was thinking, about healthy foods.When I try a healthy dessert, I'm expecting it to taste just like the unhealthy dessert. But you shouldn't try a healthy desserts thinking it will taste just like the unhealthy version. Even if your cook says it tastes just like the unhealthy version. Think you're trying something new, not something you've ever had before. This is something I need to start doing with Esther's cooking. ~~ Abby ca.K.e

Monday, June 3, 2013

I love to eat grass!

Wuff wuff, it's Eva! I know I haven't put my paw on the laptop for a while! When Abby or Steve is walking me, I try to eat the grass! It's so good, and I love it. Sadly, Abby or Steve pulls me away from the grass so then I only get a little nibble. * Growls because I can't eat grass*. I also LOVE to roll in the grass. ( Yes, I like to eat the grass, sniff the grass, roll in the grass and watch the grass!!!) But Abby doesn't let me roll in the grass. BECAUSE, she says it's tick season,BUT they put something on my fur that smells weird so then ticks can't get on me. I don't get it. I think I never will.  * Does cute dog sigh* Licks and Wags, Eva

Try Something New A Day, episode 18

For breakfast, I had a doughnut!!!  Don't worry, this was a HEALTHY doughnut. Not JUST the ones that are baked, this was a Chocolate Covered Katie recipe, so that means it's Vegan and healthy!!!
I don't have a doughnut pan, only the doughnut cutter for when you're making doughnuts to fry. So, I put the dough into a pan, and when it was done baking I used my doughnut cutter to make doughnut  shapes. Didn't turn out. Esther was the only one who could make one, and the dough made about four. I was glad it only made four, because I only needed three for a breakfast. ( One for me, one for my mom and one for Esther).  Even though they don't look like doughnuts, they taste SOOO GOOOD!!!!!\ It tastes like a cake, and it was weird having a doughnut for breakfast. I'm giving this a 10/10!!!  Abby ca.K.e