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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Meet Crystal!

Today I welcome you Crystal, one of my new Littlest Pet Shops!

My name is Crystal, and I can finally live with my sister Gloria! Gloria has a younger sister? Yes, she also has an older sister, but we won't mention her. I just moved in because I am an assistant for Daisy, ( I won't spoil everything and tell you her last name and all, you'll have you wait until she does her post about herself!) as an assistant for Daisy I help her find outfits for shows, and help her do her stage make-up. I also tell her when she has something planned. I'm also a mail messenger, for the LPSPS ( Littlest Pet Shop Postal Service) But being a mail messenger doesn't take that long. 
 Gender : Girl
 Name : Crystal Winters
Age : 17  ( The age Gloria was when she told everyone about her! But now she's twenty three, littlest pet shop years)
City you live in: Never say what city you live in on the internet!!! I live in toy world, that's as close as I can say!
school : I Don't go to school anymore, in toy world you're an adult at age sixteen.
Best friend : Don't have one YET, but I'm sure I'll make some friends here, everyone's so nice! 
Band that I am in : None 
sport that I am in :  Flying around delivering messages for four hours is enough exercise for me, I also have to run around Daisy's room to find stuff she's looking for, and run and get anything she needs from a store.
favorite movie :  The movie Epic.
One thing about me
: I might seem shy at first, but once you get to know me I'm not shy at all!
I hoped you enjoyed learning about me! Gotta flap my wings and fly, ~ Crystal.


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