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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Crazy Busy On The Weekend!

Weekends, are extremely busy in my house. On Saturday, I DID get a day to myself, but on Sunday, almost every hour we had something. Morning before church: I had to finish  making a present to someone. Church, I was in Child care.After church, Esther was talking to some of her friends so we left church late. Home, made lunch, ate. Practiced a gymnastics move with my dad outside. Mowed the lawn, helped move our grape vine. Went to pick up a friend and her mom. Went on a walk with my friend and her mom ( My mom and her mom talked together) In the walk, I told my friend how awesome the movie Epic is. ( I just saw it on Thursday, and I LOVE it, I recommend this movie!) Came home with friend, did some fun stuff, had supper, THEN, dropped off friend and mom back at their house, and went to another friend's dance recital! ( Days not over yet, even though it's already 6:30). After dance recital ( Ended at 9:00 PM) I had to make cookies and muffins for my dads work.
Busy day eh? Every hour I had something. I love busy days, do you? ~ Abby ca.K.e
                                          A flower!

                                                    These two clay creations are smaller than your thumb nail.
                                               Popcorn that took two hours to make...
                                          Angel cupcake and a devil!

                                           This is what the two clay creations where for.
                                               This was inspired by the movie Epic. ;)

                                                  Aren't they cute?


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