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Saturday, September 29, 2012

12 more days= Disneyland! Quiz time!

First, here is the photo of the dead mouse. Don't worry, there is no blood or a mouse body part all weird.
This isn't as bad as getting a cut.
                                                 Don't worry he/she is dead.
                                            Dad took the mouse off the trap for me to take a photo
                                              like this one. ( he wore gloves)
                                            Sorry if you love mice, but they eat our food, and make me
                                                get no sleep. No sleep= No blog posts.
                                                     ( so its good the mouse is dead)
                                                             Now for a quiz! Which  Littlest Pet Shop or Playmobil are you  most like?  There would have been more pets and playmobill to choose from, but I needed toys that would wake up early.        Lets start! 
                             1. Its your birthday and you get to choose what type of cake you want, you  choose -
                                    A. Healthy vegan cake. With homemade healthy frosting.
                                    B. Chocolate!
                                    C. Anything blue.
                                    D.   Sand cake, made out of real sand from the beach.
                                    E. Strawberry.
                                 ( you choose either A,B,C,D or E) ( and keep track of what you choose for the end)
                                2.  There is a party going on, and you have  to choose a fancy  outfit, you choose-
                                      A. Old top hat, with a tux.
                                      B.  If girl, a sparkly dress.If boy, a sparkly tux=
                                      C.  A blue ball gown dress.
                                      D.    an old  Egypt outfit.
                                      E. Pink is perfect.
                                       3.   If you could teach ANYTHING, what would it be?
                                      A.  I would teach school's about healthy eating.
                                      B. How to be a cowgirl/cowboy.
                                      C.   Ballet
                                      D. how we don't need tecnology to survive
                                      E. how to do a makeover  yourself.
                                      4.  You can choose what theme a party is going to be, you choose-
                                      A. Football!
                                      B.  Western
                                      C.  Mermaid, but with no sharks.
                                      D. Egypt secret spy.
                                      E. Desserts.
                                      Now find the photo that says " Mostly * Insert which letter you choose the most*
                                Mostly A's? You're a LOT like Justion PawPaw!
                                              Mostly B's? You would be a pawesome friend to
                                            Joshua or Snakey $.
                                                Mostly C's? You're a Hippy! ( Hippy is this hippos name)
                                             Mostly D's? You're either Alice or CleoPatra!
Mostly E's? You're Gloria's best friend! ( well not realy, her best friend is Pearl)
I hoped you enjoyed the quiz!
Abby ca.K.e

Friday, September 28, 2012

13 More Days= Disneyland, Dead mouse

We caught a mouse, and now IT'S DEAD! MWAHAHAH- I mean boohoo waaa, a cute little thief- I mean mouse is dead. Too bad. I tried to take a photo of the mouse, but the lighting just wasn't going too well,
Here is the FAIL photo

 so I'm just
 going to take a photo when we take the trap outside.

Abby ca.K- wait the blog post isn't done  yet!
                                                                       Which Barbie will get to go to Disneyland?
                                                                 ( this is Curly)
                                                            ( This is Jenna)

                                                                    ( this is Rose)
                                                                Or the two Barbies here.
                                                        Joking, theses aren't Barbie's, they are my friends, from musical,
                          for        a song they had to wear that, and I took a photo. ( heheh MWAHAHAHA)
                                                  Eva is going to take is on from here~ Abby ca.K.e
                                                So I have to choose a Barbie to come with the robot Barbie for Disneyland.
                                              If they give me treats THEN it's a yes!  I know the Barbie's are scared of me,
                                                 because I could chew them up, when ever I wanted .(WUFF WUFF WUFF)                                      Who do YOU think should go with me? Email me at
                                                    ( I stole Abby's email, now I can email all of her friends crazy stuff!)
                                                     All of the Barbies need the votes!   Please Pwease vote! * gives you puppy eyes*
                                                    See? I'm really cute...
                                         Please vote...
                                                   If you don't vote, I'm going to yelp..
                                                   WAIT I SEE A squirrel,
                                                       Licks and wags, and barks ~ Eva

14 More Days = Disneyland,Eva's paw stuck in trap

The Countdown begins today, 14 more days until we leave for Disneyland!!! Now remember, we  NEVER EVER could have  gone to Disneyland, it secretly has been a dream of mine, and now that dream is coming true.. BUT ONLY because of our grandparents, ( Mom's side of the family, on our dad's side we only have grandma left). Our Grandparents have been the best grandma and grandpa in theWORLD !
Our Grandma taught us how to paint, draw, sew, how to have    more fun! And Grandpa taught us how to plant a garden and take care of it, go on nature walks and NEVER be bored because he is there, how to go into a small red wagon, and have so much fun, and more. They have been such pawsome grandparents.

 Eva also LOVES them, when they come to our house, Eva LOVES grandma's voice, and she knows she gets a scratch behind the ear with grandpa ! (that's a good thing). Also I know that my grandparents are WAY MORE fun then Disneyland!! I can't wait to spend more time with them!
Remember when I went on a trip earlier this year? Well we did a count down, where three people, dogs or toys, did a post. Well that's what we're doing again! ( Here's the link to one of the posts  Also the day we leave for Disneyland, we have to wake-up at 4:00 AM!!! Or earlier because we have to be at the airpost at 5:00AM!!!
                                                       Abby .k- OH WAIT! I forgot to do the last name thingy ! ~
                                                      Abby ca.K.e
 Wuff Wuff, I have a sad story. I got my paw stuck in a mouse trap! Not the traps that snap on you, the sticky traps    that when you step on them, you're stuck. So yesterday I was walking in the kitchen and I stepped on something, the trap. I was walking out of the kitchen when, the trap flipped so then the sticky part was stuck to the floor and my paw!  Janice came down, and she tried   to get the trap off of the floor.
 Abby came down and helped me because I had to balance my paws. Then something bad happened, Janice suddenly poured Olive Oil on the paw that was stuck in the trap!! Then she started to rip my paw off of the trap. She got it off. Then Abby came and started to wash that paw! Then she dried it, and then   she   cut some of the hair from my paw! So I licked it. Here are some photos Abby took.

                                               Me licking my paw.
                                             Click on the photo to see it up close! The paw that got stuck in the trap was the one that has the red circle on it.
Licks and Wags - Eva

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Boring Barbie Makover

Wuff Wuff  Its me Eva!! Sorry I kinda left blogging for a while. But some of the Playmobil and Littlest Pet Shop people, made a robot, and I had to give it a makeover. I used the cute force to make Abby sew up some clothing for this robot. But this old Barbie had wacky hair, she looked like a stylish mad scientist!
But before I show you the before and after,  I found some old photos from the blog, take a look at me when I was younger!
                                                   When I was in school..
                                                      Ahh, the memories of getting WAY to much treats....
                                                     I remember, when I stepped into this bucket, and got a treat........
                                                     I remember this! I did a post saying to brush your teeth!
                                                    My mom's Aunt's dog named Lela.
                                               This is also my mom's Aunts dog, named Annie!
                                                That dog was spoiled! She had so many toys!
When I learned how to read.
Now for the Before and After!
Before, sorry it was blurry, it is hard to take a photo with a paw!
 See? Her hair is crazy, but she is wearing the outfit that Abby made. WITHOUT any patterns!
                                                               After, I licked her hair, so it's not smooth!

 That's all there is! I'm beary sorry this was boring,
 Licks and Wags; Eva

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Try Something New A Day, Episode 4

Here are the other episodes, episode one  explains what this is. episode one. Episode two. Episode 3.
On the weekend we went out of the city for a BBQ at the beach. My mom had brought a type of banana called " plantain". When my mom took the banana out of the fire to eat it, I thought " Why not try it and put it into the next episode of Try Something New A Day". So when she opened it, I asked if I could try it.
                                        The texture is different from a banana, so is the taste and the  smell.
                                        It looked very mushy, and right now I'm not into bananas, ( SHOCK!)
                                          or the banana texture. But I took my fork and got some "plantain" onto the fork. I opened my mouth to try it, but for some reason I couldn't eat it!
                                                     After a while, I finally put it into my mouth and started to chew.
                                                      I didn't like it. AT ALL. I didn't like the texture, the smell, the taste! So I spat it out. That's how much I didn't like it! This is by far, the worst food I have tried!
                                         But for other people, it's fine if you love it! 
                                           Abby .k.
P.S. I found out some gross stuff about margarine, so now I will refuse to eat it, because of how it's made and what's in it. I will tell you more about it in a diffrent post. ( also because we had some margarine in our house, and I was eating a bagel, I just ate the bagel plaine, that's how serious I am about this)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Beach party on the weekend!

We didn't really party on the weekend, but our family went to the beach. Don't worry no one went swimming, the water felt like ice! This year we didn't get the season Fall, we're just going to get winter.
Hehehehe.  We went in the evening ( on Sunday) ( to the beach) and we didn't have to pay today, and there was NO ONE on the beach! Mom brought a kite along, for me, so we went straight to the beach. And I started to fly the kite. After a while I gave the kite to mom, for her to do it. Why? because I saw a mini Island
(sand bar) and I waded into the water, to draw hearts and stuff in the sand on it. Then I got Esther and mom to wade to it to. And  then I brought the kite to the island.
 After a while of us switching the kite, mom started to head
back to our fire pit, that was on the other side of the beach. Esther was doing I don't know what, and I wanted to reel in the kite. I started to reel it in, I asked for help, but no one could hear me ( that's fine, because if they had heard me, then I wouldn't have this story)

Then the wind picked up really hard, and the handle of the kite blew out of my hands. The handle started to skim across the water. I was NOT going to let the kite just fly by. SO I ran into the water, and I started to catch up with the kite ( did I tell you the water was freezing and it wasen't deep enough to swim in?). I jumped to try to catch it, but I missed. So I kept on running, I tried again. I caught the kite! I was wearing jeans, and they got all wet, with ice cold water. We went to our fire pit, I started to warm up, and I told dad the story. PHOTO TIME!
                                             A photo from our museum
                                          I can't stop looking at this!
                                                     FAIL! ( click on the photo, please see it up close!)
                                             For Esther's job he had to dress up as a mouse!

                                  Me kiting
                                                                there's the kite
                                                             I did this heart with my finger
                                                     FAIL HEART!
                                                 All of the fail hearts I did with my toe
                                                   FAIL HEART AGAIN!
                                                      This is suppper
                                                     I tried to take a photo of myself
                                                Eva came!

                                                 Someone forgot the plates, so we used these
                                                   This is going to be in the next episode of Try something new a day!
                                                      I took photos of the sun setting

                                                  I think this one  is the best.

                                               See? NO ONE  was on the beach!
                                                 IT says " Jesus Heart U", I made a bigger one,
but it was to big to take a photo of.
                                                    Me trying to take a photo of myself
                                               Me trying to take a photo of myself AGAIN!
                                                 Can you see the moon?
                                                 Esther took this one.
                                               She also took this one, OF ME AND EVA!
                                        Abby .k.