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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

To Tell You The Truth

Justin has a new episode of Justin's cooking show!  In this episode he makes brownies. Here's something funny; This recipe I used was Esther's cake in a mug recipe. ( Not the recipe I mentioned in the video, but I made a recipe off camera to make enough to fit in the pan) Well, they didn't get baked enough ( Esther said they were fine and not too soft) but I thought they were WAY TO SOFT and uncooked. Also, they tasted sooo gross. They were so dark, I didn't eat a lot of it.....I gave it to mom.......

But now lets get to the main part of this post. Why haven't I been blogging regularly? Well, I'm just going to be honest. I've been making time for other things, and because I'm trying to finish up school, train for a 10K, still craft, doing Gymnastics and starting renovations on the house I've really not thought a lot about blogging.
But I do think of you, and I miss you! I miss blogging, but also I've been trying to commit to other things like stretching every day ( PAINFUL I HATE MIDDLE SPLITS!). I am still here, and you will get some blog posts, but just not as often as you or I would like.
Eva, well, she gets groomed and then doesn't want to do anything after that but sleep.
Maybe I'll blog more, or maybe I won't BUT you'll still get posts once in a while.
~Abby ca.K.e


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