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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Meet more of the littlest pet shop crew!

Ladies and Gentlemen, cute doggies and toys, today I will be showing you the new littlest pet shops I got from my friend...............
                                              My name is Crystal, and I am Gloria Winter's younger sister.
                                          I am a mail woman, and a messenger. Each of the Littlest Pet Shops including me will get their own blog post to tell them you more about themselves!!
                                            Yo wazup?? My name is Sage, and I'm one of those cool cowboys. I train race horses to be in races, and I'm also a manger of a theater. Can't wait to do my own post to tell ya'll more about me! Sage is OUT!
                                         My name is Daisy, and I am a dancer for Sage's theater. We do plays and musicals, and I also like to go hunting. It will be so exiting to tell you more about me!
                                             This is not finished yet, Abby didn't like my nose because it was pink. She said " You're nose is such an ugly nose for a toy, I MUST change your nose because I can't bear the sight of you". For every toy in the land, it is the most pleasure to have a make-over by Abby. So right now my name is " This is not finished yet" and I am a race horse.
                                             My name is Si. I am a very fast horse. My owner is Sage, Abby told me I am one of her new favorite littlest pet shops. That is better than winning a thosand races, not every toy Abby has gets to hear those words, and when you hear those words, you never have to worry about being given away or sold. Other littlest pet shops think racce horses don't have hearts, but we do, and we are littlest pet shop. Sometimes I get a little controlling, and sometimes I make Sage really mad. I can't wait to tell you more about me!
                                              Aren't they lovely????  ~ Abby ca.K.e


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