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Monday, September 23, 2013

Sleepover Party on the weekend

On the weekend gymnastics started! I love gymnastics and I am so happy it started. Right after gymnastics on Saturday, we drove straight to a hotel for my friend's sleepover birthday party! I changed from my Leo in to my swimsuit, and right into swimming with my friend and her friends! There was a water slide, ( a small one) and a hot tub. After that we went to the hotel room, and ours was the theme underwater! We had a great time, and then the next day right after the party I went straight to Church because I was in Child care. After that my family and I went geoaching. Yes, my weekends are very busy! Are your weekends busy? ~ Abby ca.K.e

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I got the best littlest pet shop. Ever.

   Did you know, on E bay this littlest pet shop is about $28.75?
   They are called Great danes. There is a white one that is over forty dollars. Yes, the LPS great danes are very rare, so they are very expensive. But worth ever penny.  But I'm not going to pay twenty dollars for ONE LPS
                                So I went on Kijiji, made a request, and got him for twelve dollars.
                                  And he's in mint condition. His name is August. But he can tell you more about himself in a different post. I collect stamps and Littlest pet shops. What do YOU collect? Or was there a time when you collected something? ~ Abby ca.K.e

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Painter

Dad doesn't like doing little projects. Or what he'll do is make a small project more work, and renovations never get finished. So mom had the idea that I'll fix all the unfinished jobs. The last couple of days I finished painting a big shelf and wall on the top floor. Mom already knows what I need to paint next. When Esther was younger she had a cake business,, and I do odd jobs and cleaning offices. ~ Abby ca.K.e

Abby Pets me with her foot

Sometimes, when I'm lying on my back, and I'm sleeping, Abby will walk up to me and pet me with her foot! Sometimes I don't like it so I just wait. And in a few seconds Abby either goes on her knees and pets me with her hand, or just walks away. Abby says all I do is sleep and eat, but being cute is tiring! ~ Licks and Wags, Eva

Camp and Boat Party On the weekend!

On the weekend, My friend's family and I went to their church's camp retreat. This retreat they do almost every year, at the same camp and I had a wonderful time! On the way to the camp, we took lots of pictures.
 When we both saw each other we realized we booth had put our hair in braids! We also had wanted to be matching ( Like we both wear blue shirts, both wear shorts, etc)
And the matching thing turned out perfectly!
                                                 Her brother and I got a little cray cray...
                                               The lovely view!
                                              We did many things, like swimming and running around, BUT on Saturday we got to do Archery! I haven't done archery in a couple of years, but with some help I got better and got two bull's eyes!
   Clearly, I'm not saying I'm the best. One of my friends just made my jaw drop of how amazing he was at archery. He is like Legolas in my opinion!! In the same day in the evening we went fishing on the dock! The air was a little breezy and the sun was slowly setting and it was perfect!

                                                 My friend and I had almost matching sweaters!!!
                                               It was a lovely time and the weather was perfect, and my friend's family is always a pleasure to be with.~ Abby ca.K.e

Thursday, September 12, 2013

When I walk in the park....

Whenever I'm walking in a park, I look for doggies. I want to pet them, and talk to them, and look at them. While I'm walking and if a dog walks by I say hi to them and try to pet them. Yes, I'm extremely DOG CRAZY. I love petting Eva, and any other dog. I love the different types of fur texture, and the different faces of all doggies! I'm not saying I don't like petting my dog, each time I see her I just HAVE to pet and talk to her.
Here's a blurry picture of my pookie! ~ Abby ca.K.e

Crafty Wednesday, Super hero costume!

For a littlest pet shop contest I had to take a picture with my littlest pet shop with the theme " Superhero" Your LPS model HAD to wear a costume, so here is a picture of the costume I made! The bad guys costume is also hand made, but his hat is a playmobil hat.
                                         These photos are already edited by the way.
                                              For this contest each week we have a new theme to take a picture of your littlest pets shop. It does take me about a week to have a final photo. First day I think up of ideas, ( this week I have a LOT of difficulty thinking up of an idea, it took me three days to think it up!) Day two I make the costume even if I haven't had a idea of what I'm going to do. Day three I take the photos, and day four I edit. Sometimes a theme  takes longer. ~ Abby ca.K.e

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Try Something New A Day, Ube Mochi

I've lost count of which episode this is. When my mom and I went to our local Asian ethnic food store, ( to get noodles and some other ethnic stuff) I saw Ube Mochi. There are different types of this snack, like sesame seed, green tea, etc. But the store we went to only had two flavors, sesame seed and Ube mochi.
I have had mochi before. At a frozen yogurt place I had tried a toppings called" mini mochi pieces." I LOVED that, so I thought the real version might taste as good!
                                             This is what the box looked like. And you get six big pieces of mochi.
They are soft, and covered with flour for them not to stick to the wapper. They are squishie and
fit in the palm of my hand. There  is a filling, but it doesn't look like the front of the box, the filling is much smaller. After eating one, I was satisfied and didn't have that need for more.
The texture was soft, much softer than a gummy. But the taste, I have no idea WHAT I was tasting. But I loved it!!  Mom also liked it, but my dad couldn't get over the texture. The taste wasn't too sweet, it was a soft taste. I really recommend mochi, if you have a local ethnic food store try to look for this! ~ Abby ca.K.e
P.S., I found another blog who did a review on the same type of mochi.. This person describes the taste, so I really recommend checking it out so you know what type of taste I was tasting!

And I got busy..

I have been super busy lately! I had an early birthday party, and really soon ( As next week) I''m getting braces. I hope I will have more time to blog, but I have been  super busy.  I'm not in musical this year, but I'm actually  MORE busy than being in musical! WOW! I do miss blogging, and I don't know why Eva won't fill in for me. Eva please help!! I keep on saying this, but now that my party's over I might have more time to blog post. I might need to get some special guests on the show again!!! ~ Abby ca.K.e

Esther's back! + I got my tooth pulled!

Esther is back again!! She went to another thing for a week last week, Eva is soooo happy she's back! Also, I got a tooth pulled! Why? Well there are more than two reasons, but the number one reason is when I get braces I need that tooth out to give the rest of the teeth space. Thankfully I was under sedation so I couldn't

 feel or see anything they where doing. The tooth they pulled looks like a foot. A foot with a leg. Very weird. In about two weeks I'm getting braces! ( NOOOOO!)   We're also been so busy getting ready for my party, it is this Wednesday! We need to finish making the cake, and printing stuff, so we are so so busy with that. I will try to blog this week, but summer is extremely busy for me! ~ Abby ca.K.e

Monday, September 2, 2013

It's been a LOOONG time, and I'm back.

I know it has been the longest time. No blog posts all summer? What's up with that? Well, I was very busy, and I wanted a " vacation" from blogging and really enjoyed my summer. No, I don't hate blogging, I just wanted a break. But I did miss you. SO much. I missed blogging almost every day. There was always an emptiness inside of me. That must have been my consequence for not blogging all summer! * Wink Wink,* (JOKE!) I am back now. For the school year! YAY! I have no idea WHY Eva didn't do any posts, all I saw her do was sleep! I guess she needed to catch up on sleep! I will try to slowly get back into blogging. ~Abby ca.K.e
Oh, by the way I got braces.