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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Extra Audition on the weekend!

On Saturday, Esther, one of her friends, and I went and auditioned to be an extra in a movie! Now, I won't tell you the name, that's something you'll have to ask me! We got to the place to audition at 1:50, and didn't get out until 4:00!!!! BUT, I knew there was going to be a long line!!! What we did was fill out this form that asks everything, like how tall you are, all your measurements, and any hobbies or activities you do, and if you have a car what type year and color it is! Then they take a picture of you, while you're holding your number. And you leave, and hope you get picked as an extra! Esther and I have a better chance of getting in than some people because they were looking for people who can sing! But now, we just have to wait. AND wait. For them to tell us if we get in or not!  On Sunday I was in puppets in church, and in child care, then I went to a friend's house! Busy weekend, but I like busy weekends!   ~ Abby ca.K.e

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Try Something New A Day , Episode 17

Yesterday, when Esther and I were doing a work out video, the person explaining the video said a cool recipe for Pancakes. She said take one banana  mash it in a blender, then mix it with two eggs, and add some cinnamon. So, Esther and I tried to make then. But there is something you need to remember, I HATE banana's in food, (Except by themselves and banana bread) So you might think I would hate them right? The batter was good enough to make Crepes, so we made Crepes! When I tried it, it tasted like a Crepe with some banana in  the Crepe. It was good!!! I recommend making them! They are fast and easy to make! I give them 10/10 ( That means really delicious) !  Abby ca.K.e

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Park Party On The Weekend!!!

On the weekend, we went camping! Well, I guess I shouldn't call it " Camping" because we where in a cabin, maybe Cabining?  We went with our Grandparents and one of my Aunts, ( The one who isn't married). We went on some walks, and on two walks I saw a snake. Not good! I have a HUGE fear of snakes, and I won't even TELL you what I do when I see one! ( Thankfully both of the snakes when I saw them WEREN"T moving, if they would have moved poor Esther would have to deal with this crazy me! We also encountered with ticks, thankfully I didn't get any on me, but everyone else except my Aunt and me got ticks! Besides all that, I  had a fun time!
                                   Eva was driving the car!
                                     Everyone but my Tia and I who are taking the photo.
                                                         A lovely photo of my grandpa!
                                           Marshmallow time! I love this picture, prof my family smiles!!!
     If you don't do your home work, and if you play video games a lot, WATCH OUT! Esther will beat you with an ugly stick! JOKING!!!
I'm coming to get you! With my stick!!
This is what our view was! Beautiful! 
                                             Dad blowing the fire!
                                                   I got bored, so I went to the lake and...
                                             Half a heart...
I hope you had a great weekend!  Abby ca.K.e

Crafty Wednesday: How to fix a fail

Crafty Wednesday is back! Today I'm going to talk about when a craft isn't turning out as you wanted it to, or it isn't looking like what's on the box.  When something isn't turning out, here are some things you can do.

1. Step away from the craft! If you're feeling really frustrated  take a short break and do step 2., then come back to what you where making when you know you're calm.

2. Try to think what you did wrong from the instructions, or why it looks weird  If you can, try to fix this problem that you know went wrong,  but if you don't feel like finishing it, stop and take a break.

3. If you get too mad and have tried step 1. and 2., and can't fix it, don't finish  it. Put what ever you're making into a container or bag, and you might come back to it later on in life. ( When I was making a clay Wall-E, I was getting so mad with it, that I just let it lye there on my craft space for a LONG time, then when I knew I had enough courage to finish it, I went back and finished making it.

4. Ask for help. Either someone you know, or look up on the web for help. If you have polymer clay that is way too soft, you could look up on google " What to do when your clay is too soft" Or " How to harden really soft polymer clay". If some one you know wants to help, make sure you've calmed down before letting them help, you don't want to put all your anger on them and hurt their feelings.

5. Ask MEE!!!! I do a lot of different  types of crafting, so you could comment on this post and ask me the problem, and if it is a craft I don't know how to do I would research it for you and reply telling you some different solutions.

6. Don't feel ashamed if you gave up. I'm not good at drawing or painting, and I'm OK with that, try out different types of crafts if something isn't turning out. Here are some types of crafts: Painting, drawing, wood working, polymer clay, sculpting, making miniatures, knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting, card making, scrapbooking, There are many more, this is just some of lots of crafts out there!
~ Abby ca.K.e

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Eva went to the Vet Yesterday!!!

Yesterday, Eva went to the Vet! Don't worry, she wasn't sick, she went for her yearly check-up and shots. I didn't go, because I had something else, but Esther took Eva. The Vet said she was surprised of how good we've kept up with taking care of Eva, we just need to do a better job on brushing her teeth. But something else happened Yesterday with Eva, we found a tick. ( A tick is a type of bug, that I call devils because I hate them) ticks burrow themselves into the skin, and suck blood. Only the tiny BLACK ticks can carry a disease that can be passed onto the human or animal. ( But mostly people and dogs get the big brown ticks that aren't too deadly) ( Yes, I'm TRYING to make you scared of ticks!) We couldn't find another tick, and we don't know how Eva got one. Maybe at the Vet? SO, because Eva is going camping with us, we had to give her a short hair cut, BUT Esther was going to be out that evening. She made a big whining fuss of how she's to busy, ( MAYBE I\m over exaggarating) so, I said I would do it. I have NO experience at all of cutting a dog's hair like a hair cut, and I didn't have time to go to the Library, and I couldn't\ find much on the web. So, Esther said I could ONLY do Eva's belly and paws, she gave me a cutting technique and, well... Erm, her paws, are... well, very short.  I won't show you her paws until Esther has finished cutting the rest of Eva's hair! ~ Abby ca.K.e * NOTE, This post was made LAST week, I didn't have time to publish it then, but Eva went to the vet LAST WEEK!!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

I like to be in the sun!

Everyday, Abby goes into the backyard and practice's gymnastics. She lets me go outside while she is doing stuff! I like to just lay in the sun and sleep, it's so relaxing! I do play with Abby outside sometimes, and when we play Abby brings out the Frisbee! I love the sun, and I love to roll in the grass now that spring is here! Abby said she's going to go take me out for a walk, Licks and Wags, Eva.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'm a First Aider, and I'm here to help!!!

Yesterday I couldn't do a blog post because I was in an all day First aid course!!! Now, for this course, I was I think one year younger than it said, but mom still let me do it. It was good, and now I know first aid!!! ( I did know some first said before, but I took that other course about three years ago and it was more of a baby sitting course but it did have first aid) There was a test at the end, and I passed it!!! Another thing I did yesterday was Esther's friend came over, and she is raising money for going on a mission trip, and she is selling most of her clothes because you don't need a lot in Africa. So Esther and I bought lots!
Another thing is, on the weekend we're going to Riding Mountain National Park! Something really special about this is,, our Grandparents and one of my Aunts are coming !!! The same grandparents and Aunt I went to see in April!! ~ Abby ca.K.e

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Party On The Weekend!

I know I haven't been blog posting for a while, I've just been busy with finishing two of my online classes and stuff, so this week I will challenge myself, to do a  blog post everyday! ON Saturday I was at a friend's house all day, on Sunday we went to church, , then, we went to a park and had our meal on a fire!
I took some photos, but I forgot to re-charge my camera batteries so my camera was dying during it!!!
Another thing,  I accidentally put a setting on my camera to put the date on the photo, so that's why it has the date on all of them!

                                                We still have ice on the lake!!
                                             LOOK AT THAT SNOW!!
                                                I love the ice crystals!

       Dad throwing a ice piece at me, we had a little war, he never caught me, MWAHAHAHAHA!!!
                                          The water isn't as cold as it looks!
                                                     On the ice!!!
                                          Dad took a photo of me....
                                             It says " I ( Heart) U
                                             Look at the birds!!
                                           Right after I took this photo, my camera died!  ~ Abby ca.K.e

Monday, May 6, 2013

The best party ever on the Weekend!!!!

Esther's graduation party was on Saturday, and it was AMAZING!!! The snow melted in good time, and spring is here! On that day, I was awake at 7:00 Am until about 11:40 ish. So that's about  a seventeen hour day. Not just a ladeda day, a  busy fun day! In the morning we decorated the building we had for Esther's party, then Esther had her Graduation photo shoot with the BEST photographer on earth! We even got pictures of me on a merry-go-round! ( In our fancy dresses, with our hair all nice!) Sadly I can't show you those photos yet because our photographer is putting everything on a flash and then giving us access to it. The photos are on Facebook, but when you transfer a Facebook photo to something, it usually goes blurry. So you'll just have to wait to see the awesome photos later!!!

                                                 But I took some photos, sadly I'm not going to put all of them up because that would take a long time to load. But here are about 40 photos!
                                                      Before Grad, getting ready.
                                                    Esther didn't want to be seen.
                                                      Esther with her friend!
                                             Me and another one of Esther's friends.
                                         I just LOVED the pattern on her dress!
                                           Our photographer, who was just so awesome!!
                                              Waiting while Esther is getting photos taken.

   Us on the merry-go-round, the photos our photographer took are WAY better, but this is what you get in the meantime.

                                                    All the other girls where talking, and I was bored....

                                             Doesn't it look nice?
                                          Parts of the Car rally.

                                                    GLITTER TATTOO!!
                                                 On the swings!

                                               Us posing like the golden boy!
                                            We found some mirrors, and went a little crazy.
                                             This one's my favorite!

                                                Doing the wave!

                                                       Tango time!
                                                    Looks like a dragon was watching us...

                                                            Open heart...
                                                         Broken heart...
                                                     Closed heart...
                                                Me in the shadows...

                                                         cleaning up...
                                                        Just showing thr stars by my eyes.
There was way more photos, but this is all I wanted to show. This post will be deleted in a week because it shows faces. ~ Abby ca.K.e