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Friday, November 30, 2012

Wuff wuff Merry Christmas.

Wuff Wuff, Merry Christmas!! I hope you arn't  I mean are being good for Santa Paws.
First of all, Justin has another episode of his cooking show up!
                                          Remember, only dogs and toys can make this recipe, because it might not work out for a  human.
                                               Me begging for cookie dough!  PLEASE?!?!?!
                                               Oh yah, I am a dog model, I pose for the camera like a puppy.
                                         Licks and Wags, Eva

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cookite Monster Takes over the world...

                                                    Yesterday we made cookies. This is a secret recipe,
                                           and we can only make it at Christmas.
                                                      Looks like Eva wants some cookies.
                                                       Looks like the cookie monster wants some cookies,
                                                        she ate like half the dough.Or maybe she ate ALL the dough.
                                                     You've never seen me like this Eh? Well NEVER give me a cookie or cookie dough and you'll be safe. Just don't tell me you're making cookies.
                                              Gloria Winters might start doing LPS fashion posts, for all you fashionistas.
                                                   MAYBE.  Well, I have to go find where Janice hid all of the cookies- I mean the cookie monster is going to look for the cookie!~ The cookie monster- I mean ~ Abby .k.
OH I FORGOT! Justin did another vlog. Here it is:

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Justin is starting to Vlog

Justin has started vlogging. What is vlogging? A video+ a blog= Vlog.
Here is his first video.
Todays post was short because I have to walk Eva and go to gymnastics. 
I know tomorrow is crafty Wednesday, and I made a video for it, so I will TRY to get it up tomorrow.
~ Abby .k.

Have no fear, Crafty Wednesday Is HERE!

Don't worry, today isn't a boring post. Craft Wednesday decided to show up. With a video!
YAH!!  Maybe next week will have something to do with how to make lps Christmas food?
Not sure yet.  Or maybe I might get it done for the weekend? Not sure! Justin has a new cooking show episode, every one in Playmobil city has seen it, I just need to ask for permission to put it on the blog. Wait till tomorrow!
~ Abby .k.. ( tomorrow there might be a cookie monter doing the blog post...)

Monday, November 26, 2012

WARNING Beautiful flowers ahead

I was looking at posts that never got published, and I found this post ( From earlier on this year)
So Here is an old post!

Yesterday when we were at a park, I took these photos. First the photos of the Littlest Pet shop, the hippos name is Hippy and she is my favorite Littlest Pet Shop ( besides my Littlest Pet Shop walkable fish)

                                             Do you ever feel like a small plastic toy in the world?
                                             Plastic toys have talent, staying STILL!
                                             Hippy needed some help being held up.

Isn't this beautiful? How God made flowers.

                                           Here's the tree Hippy was in.

 This is on a big hill and there is not a lot of flowers.
BYE! Abby .k. xox

Weekend * Yawns* Winter photos.

On the weekend we didn't really do a lot, on Saturday I went to a friend's birthday party. And on Sunday, we went to church, did some baking, watched a movie. BUT on Friday some of the Littlest Pet Shops had a photo shoot. Here are the photos.
                                                ...... On their journey..
                                             A very cold journey...
                                                    On a snowy mountain.
                                             Some may fall..
                                            And others left behind....
                                               And as they are lost, Eva barkes at a C.A.T.
                                               With flash.
                                                Ariel and Taylor wish you a merry Christmas!
                                                Bibble wishes you a merry Christmas.
                                                Oscar wishes a merry Christmas.
                                           With flash

                                             Eva wishes you a merry Christmas! OH NO! My shoes are in the photo!
                                                     AHHHHH! ~ Abby .k.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Old photos..

Wuff wuff it's Eva! I found some old photos of the past, and I wanted to share them with you.
                                              Abby took photos of ducks ( earlier in the year)
                                             When we had grapes ( in the summer)
                                                Abby made icecream ( in the summer)
                                                 I think this is a dog treat. OH wAIT! That's a cupcake!
                                        Me barking at a CAT! ( summer)
                                         Abby made gingerbread cookies ( In September)
                                  Me being cute.
                                             When the family went camping.


         Licks and Wags, Eva.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas Tree.

 NOTE*On the weekend I will try to make a " How to make slippers for your LPS". But sadly, I have not had any time yet this week.  SO you'll just have to wait for crafty Wednesday*
Our Christmas tree is VERY small. WHY? Becuase our old one took WAY too much space.
But we still love our tree. Here are some photos.
                                                 This pesky little sqirl was spying on me!

                                                            This is what our Christmas tree looks like. NOT.
                                                            Right now this is where/what the tree looks like, but mom might change the spot and add more stuff to the tree.
                                                         ( Yes this is a FAKE tree, unless you imagine with me that it smells of pine, and that it is a pine tree, then it will become real. ) 
     . Christmas is about Jesus's birthday, not about all of the presents or Fat .Old Santa. ~ Abby .k.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Abby took some photos of me licking her arm! She also took a photo of a sunrise, well sortof.
                                           Lick sorry for lick the lick blurry lick photos lick.
                                         I wonder what a lion would taste like.
                                              Abby's sunrise.
                                                She wants me to say something for her " where I live I can wake up, and see a sunrise, at night I can see a sunset, then stars and the moon."
Tomorrow is crafts Wednesday Abby. Remember that!
Licks and Wags Eva.