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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Street Party on the weekend!!

On Saturday, I had a friend come over.  Every year my area of the city has a block/street party for everyone who lives in the neighborhood. My friend lives in my neighborhood, so we went to the street party together. There was a free mini carnival, in which you would play carnival games, and your wrist band would get a stamp. If you had ten points you could get something, then at twenty, then at thirty, that at sixty. So my friend and I played the games and we got twenty points, so I let her chose two things from the prize stand, because there wasn't anything I wanted. We also went on the swings at a park, and when we got home we did a craft and had lunch. Then she had to go home. In the evening, we watched an old movie called " Royal Wedding". It was a Fred Astaire movie, so it had lots of dancing and singing. I didn't really like the movie. Yeah the dancing was so cool in some of the sceens, but it wasn't a movie I would see again. On Sunday it was F
ather's day!!! I made my dad heart waffles with raspberry sauce! I also made him a card. Then we went to church, and it was my last day in child care, and me and the kids had a great time like always. What did you do for Father's day? ~ Abby ca.K.e


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