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Thursday, June 13, 2013

I WANT it!

Us kids always want something. Sometimes we change the want to " Need" to make it sound better. I want that new toy/ I NEED that new toy. At the store last week, I saw something I really " wanted" it was this mini icecream stand set. It was $ 14.99. If it was only $10 or $5, I would have bought it right away, because I can afford buying a toy for LESS then fifteen dollars. I went home and  thought about " Do I really want this hard enough that I should get it"?. No. I didn't. My friend who was there when we both saw the toy got the toy, so I took a look at it, and made me  my final decision.
This photo is not mine, this is Google's photo. All the rights of this photo go to google. ( This was the set I wanted). At my friends house, I really looked at the toy. And I thought a LOT about the toy. It was so cute, and it came with tiny pieces! The girl's dress and her hair style looks incredibly awesome. BUT, that little part of my brain saying " want want want want want want I want that toy" shut down. For some reason I was not jealous of my friend, for getting the set. Another thing, once I made up my mind that I don't want it, I just got some extra money from a cleaning job.  After that, another one of my friends let me chose some of her littlest pet shops, and that's something I do want! If you want something, sleep on it. Think about it, because getting a new toy only lasts a moment, then it gets old. ~ Abby ca.K.e ( NOTE, the littlest pet shops from my friend wasn't a sodden want, I've wanted some of the older littlest pet shops she has for a while, that want was different) ( Also the littlest pet shops she had where rare, they aren't in stores anymore. If I did want the ice cream stand again I could find it more easy)


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