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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A ...A show

Because I am a DOG.
This is a dog and stuffed animal fashion show.
WHAT a fashion show?? I'm bored so I'm making Dog fun.
Let cats in my show. To be in the fashion show you can
take a picture of one of these;
1. a stuffed animal
2. a cat
3. a dog
Send the picture to ! Then Abby and I will see the picture
and choose who wins
How many people can win? Ten
What's the prize??
It's that we put it on the blog!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Ok this is eva on cam... wow its a long wait for the movie...umm.. love eva THE DOGY


Ok im tetsting to see if i can put moveis on sooooo.... here it is

Lower Fort Garry

The girls and I were out at Lower Fort Garry on Saturday. You

would be shocked to find out what we were doing.

knowing how...

Guess what? I know how to TYPE!!!!! Yes I have this game that shows you how. Its fun and has

games in it too! Soo I'll be typing a LOT.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Esther's Quincenera

This is a group picture (At least of the Epps/Koepnicks/Halvorson) from my Quincenera.
It was the most amazing night of my life. Tia Loris came all the way from BC! We kicked off the ceremony with a worship time. My best friends came from Alberta with their violin and viola. Their mom was on the piano. I was on guitar. We had a mini orchestra!
Next we were divided into groups to think of substances that can be purified or dirtied. We came up with
Gold has to be refined.
Water. You don't want to drink mud! So water has to undergo a purification process.
Then my Tia Cheryl did a small talk about gold and the purification process. Did you know that gold is useless when it's in the purest form? It's so soft and pliable that you can't use it. It has to be mixed with other things to be able to be crafted into jewelry. Tia compared that to me :P You have to mix with other people so you can impact them. Does that make sense? After that Grandma Helen read an acronym she made up for my name:
Heritage of faith and prayer
That transitioned into a prayer time for me :) It was beautiful. There was a 5 minute break then the reception started. We had goodies, veggies and fruit. We showed two slideshows of my life. (one of them I've been working on since April) the other Tia Loris put together.
As a blessing to all my wonderful and beautiful friends I sang Just One You. I also had a little one-liner about everyone just the recognize all the special people in my life!
I think that pretty much sums up the night. More picture to come soon!
If you have anything to add please comment and tell me how you think the night went. I might post some vids later.
LOVE Esther
You're more beautiful that you know
More talented than you think
And more loved than you can imagine
~Kandee Johnson

Upcoming Changes

Hey guys! There's going to be a few changes around here. My family is going to start posting on this blog also. Keep checking back for stuff about life with the Koepnicks.
Licks and wags,