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Thursday, June 27, 2013

I saw something in the tree!!

Today while Abby was walking me, I saw something in a tree! I could smell a bird , and maybe a squirrel. Abby was waving at someone going to school, but I barked to her and said " There's no time to wave to someone! Help me climb up this tree so I can try to eat one of those birds  try to pet one of those birds". Clearly she didn't understand me. She knew I wanted to go up the tree, but she just said " Evvvvaaa" " Noooo" ( Her " No" wasn't one of those firm nos when you do something bad, it was just an easy going no, I don't know why she said it). The bird in the tree was laughing at me, so I told the bird I knew the Littlest Pet Shop Gloria Winters. The bird stopped laughing and gave me some respect. I tried to climb the tree. Didn't work. Then Abby said " Come on Eva, let's go!". She dragged me the opposite way of the tree, in my mind I thought, Tomorrow, I will do better, and climb the tree. Licks and Wags, Eva


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