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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I hate being groomed.

WHY, oh WHY do Esther and Abby groom me?
                                             Please don't wake me up for my cutie sleep.
                                                 I really like sleeping in the sun.
                                                 Abby, stop it! I want to sleep!
                                              Abby said I looked so cute in this photo.
                                             I want to sing!
                                          Yeah, I can read those notes, I think.
                                                  Am I a princess? :Licks and wags, Eva.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's Christmas!!! ( or it feels like it)

In Church last Sunday, our Pastor  said "This Christmas- Easter," ( all of the Church laughs) then he said " Well it feels like Christmas". Its true, it does feel like Christmas, why? Because we have lots of snow still! And our Grandparents couldn't even visit because of the weather! But, Esther and  I  found a new sport. Snow climbing.   What this sport is, you try to climb big snow drifts on a hill/ snow banks. But you climb and fall. A LOT! Its very fun, and when I fell, I fell like a hobbit. OH YEAH! The only thing I didn't like was, you got LOTS of snow down your boots and in your hands, so then it was very painful. But fun! I can't believe its almost Easter! ( I almost spelled Esther for a moment!)
Is is snowing where you live? ~ Abby ca.K.e

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A year ago.....

I looked back on the blog, and went to March 2012. On March 1st last year, we went to the Zoo. .
Last year in March I started to do more with polymer clay.
I made Pawbucks last year! WOW, I can't believe that was a year a go!
We went on a trip,
That's the nice thing about blogging for a year, you can see what you did last year. Do you remember what you did last year in March? I also went to our China town last year in March, and we're planning to go back today! Last year was year of the Dragon, which means good luck. I think last year was a very lucky year, we got to go to Disneyland!!! This year is year f the Snake, and I HATE snakes, I thought snakes mean bad luck, so maybe this year was going to be a bad year? NO, this year is starting off t be amazing. ( Don't wprry, I really don't believe in Dragons being good luck and stuff like that, I'm just playing around). I hope you have a great year, and try to do something you didn't do last year.  ~ Abby ca.K.e

Monday, March 18, 2013

Such an awesome Party on the weekend...

   On Saturday morning, I helped dad get sand paper and a sander for a project he's working on. BUT, after a a while, it got really LOUD,dusty,  and smelly because of the sander ( a sander I think is something that sands something down for you, but I'm not sure). I have allergies with dust, dust is an extreme with me, I'll get hives and the smell of dust makes my noise runny. Mom knew it would be a hard afternoon if I was in this house full of a loud noise, and dust. ( Another thing is dad was working on the floor that has our bedrooms on, so I couldn't just go into a room).
      SO, mom phoned one of my friends, and they said I could come over. PARTY TIME!!! I knew they had the Lego Lord Of The Rings Wii game ( A.K.A, its a video game, but Plugged In and Clubhouse Magazine gave it a great review. Don't worry I wasn't playing a bloody game)  So I asked if we could play it. Thankfully they said yes. ( Another note, I've been DYING to play that game, I even dream about playing it!) We had the  best of time playing it, I loved it so so much, but because I've never played the game, my friend had to keep helping me change what my lego guy was holding for some parts of the game. If you're wondering, I mostly played Frodo, but I was Galadrial for a part.

   Then we were bored, my other friend played his trombone for us. DANCE TIME!!! ( Hahaha, joking)
On Sunday, we went to Church, planned for when our Grandma ,Grandpa and aunt come for Esther's grad, and I played some hockey. I hope you make your weekends some how interesting instead of playing video games all day. ~ Abby ca.K.e

Friday, March 15, 2013

Some like it hot...

Today when we went to the Bulk barn, Esther bought me a scoop of any snack mix I . So, after looking for a while, I found a mix called " some like it hot". I was guessing it was spicy. So we got it, I tried it, and I LOVED the mix! IT wasn't too spicy, neither to mild \BUT, there was one thing in the mix I HATED, it was the green thing with a white coating, and it tasted like poison. ( Maybe it was!!!) Also, tonight I get to baby sit one of Esther's Music teachers daughter! YAY! Esther gave me her old shoes, they fit me, but they look... Well... Really...... Bad. SO I'm going to decorate them into  hello kitty shoes.
                                       Here's a little tutorial I did. Yes, this blog post was random. ~ Abby ca.K.e

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Been busy.

I have been too busy today. I filmed my contest entry for that person I said I was entering a contest for.
But that's all I have for you today. Today, I had my Newspaper class, then we went to the art gallery for a field trip. We came home, had lunch, and I had my literature class. Here is the video
                                           ~~Abby ca.K.e

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Scrapbook Page and A Card!

Last Friday, I did these scrapbook pages for our Disneyland scrapbook!
                                      The theme I did was Star Wars.  because there was a Star Wars ride and show at Disneyland.  ( It says " In A Galaxy Far Away")        
                                         This one says " Jedi * My cousins name* Age * Blank* fighting Darth Maul."
                                                  We made over forty of these cards for Esther's grad. It took a whole afternoon., with help by Esther, and two of her friends, mom and I.  I helped with almost everything, except for writing  SHINE and adding the blue edge to the paper that says "SHINE".  It was very fun. On Monday I said I would put up that contest entry and show it to you on the blog, BUT I haven't finished everything yet. It might be up for tomorrow, but I'm not sure when I'll be done. ~ Abby ca.K.e

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Long Time no Bark. * WOOF*

I have not done a blog post in a while. I'm sorry. I shouldn't force Abby to do all of the work because she's very busy. Abby told me about this dog named Buster. HE is a big black dog, but she said he just likes to snuggle.  Sounds cute. I love big dogs but little dogs I just crush with my cuteness. When Abby was walking me, there was a piece of frozen pizza on the sidewalk, I started to walk to the pizza to eat it, but then she pulled me back and I couldn't have it!  How could you not give a piece of pizza to this cutie:

Monday, March 11, 2013

Real Hockey And Card Party On the weekend!

My friends had a real skating party, so on Saturday morning I went to that, it was really fun, but the ice was really slippery so we were all crashing into each other! Then in the afternoon I went to a card making party for Esther's grad card invitations. They had the BEST cake- pops, and they had gluten free cookies! I LOVED them! Esther's friend had two cats, one who had eyes that looked like Gollum, and the other one who LOVED to play with bags. When I was doing handstands, one of the cats watched me like like a hawk! I think it was thinking  " Whoa  that is this? It can do handstands".   On Sunday, it was Daylight savings time, so we lost an hour of sleep. NOOOO!  I was in Child Care at Church, then I saw one of my friends. Right now I am busy entering a clay contest, and so  I am spending most of my spare time doing that. On crafty Wednesday I will show you the cards we made, and if I am done my contest entry I will show that also.  I am so sleepy. ~ Abby ca.K.e

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm going to a trip!!!

As some of you know, Esther is getting older, and will be going to college I think next year. BUT, In early April, her college she wants to go to is having something called scout week.. In that week she will experience a week of what her college will be like, she will stay with people in the college, and she can ask them questions.  BUT, mom and I have to tag along, so, I get to see my grandparents! ( YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY) AND, I might be able to go in Calgary and get to go to china town. ( That's a maybe). But the sad thing is, I will miss our churches " Amazing Race", a night to raise money for the people in our church going to Swaziland Africa. We ALWAYS miss it!! We have always been on a trip when they hold it!    Oh well, I rather see my grandparents then be at " The Amazing Race". They're more important, and they have sent me a letter saying how much they love this blog. They're the best in the world. ~ Abby ca.K.e

Try something new a day episode 15

Today I am trying Esther's frozen puffed wheat squares!  They look very good, and they remind me of the fake icing I use for my clay stuff. I like frozen foods, ( Except raw meat!) . Sadly, they all got eaten before I could take a photo. They just look like a normal puffed wheat square. Now, for the taste! They taste very good, like a normal puffed wheat square. I think I can taste banana, but it's  really good type of banana. BUT, for me, its a little too chocolatety.  I do love this, But maybe a little less chocolatety for me.  Now, for the rating. 1 being so gross, 10 being so delicious. I rate it .... 7/10. It was good, but I'd rather have Esther's rice crispy squares instead.  ~ Abby ca.K.e

Monday, March 4, 2013

Craft Party On the Weekend!

Sadly, I was very bad last week. I did some yelling, so, I couldn't see any of my friends on the weekend. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! But, I'm happy this didn't happen last Friday, because I had a party to go to!! SO,  I locked myself into my laboratory  and started to craft!  I made LOTS of clay stuff for a contest I'm entering.  SO, I guess I had a craft party with myself. ALSO, I did some practicing  and now I can do a handstand bridge! On Sunday, we went to church, then we went to this forest. Eva LOVED IT!! This was an off leash forest/park. So, that means dogs can go off leash and run around!!
Nothing else really. I better go clean the castle now!!!
~ Abby ca.K.e. Wait, here is what got me out of bed on Saturday: I'm in bed, and I don't want to get up. Dad comes into the room. Dad: Whats this? ( Stares at me) Me: A Hobbit. Dad: Ready for breakfast and second breakfast and- * I go out of bed* Me: Di-did you day, Breakfast? * Smiles*.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I want to see mom.

Right now, I am waiting to wake up my mom. I tried to give Abby the " Cute Look". But she just said no. I WANT TO SEE MY MOMMY!!! I just love waking her up. It's my most favorite thing besides breakfast and supper!  I hate it when Abby doesn't let me wake up Esther.  WHY? Bark BArk. Also, every once in a while, I hear sounds from the top floor. Abby is practicing something called " Hand stand Bridge". While I was under the table eating crumbs, this is what I heard of what a handstand bridge is :  Abby said " I have to do a hand stand, then I flop over into a bridge, then I kick my legs and go back into into pose".:. I have no idea what any of that is. Once, I put a camera upstairs  and saw her doing this "Handstand bridge". It looks to hard. I am going to go beg to wake up mommy one more time.
                                          Licks and Wags, Eva