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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Try something New A Day, Episode ( Lost count!) :: Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt. Have you every heard of it? Frozen Yogurt is getting more and more popular. I keep seeing  frozen yogurt places open up, some are do it yourself, you can pick how much you want, and it's kinda like a slushie stand where you put it in your cup. And some are just like a normal ice cream place where they do it for you. Mostly you see soft serve frozen yogurt, but some places also sell frozen yogurt in the texture as hard ice cream
. Today I'm trying out the soft serve kind, and we went to a place where you did it yourself. You go in, they explain what to do and you chose your froyo ( Frozen yogurt) They also allowed you to try samples on the froyos. The place we went charged by weight, they would weigh it when you're done. I had mixed berry and green apple tart. After you chose how much yogurt you want, you can add toppings! Then they weigh it.

They give you very large bowls to put your yogurt in, and I think if you fill it up to the top it would be quite expensive. I didn't even have half a bowl, and it was about $5. You can get a normal soft serve ice cream cone for $3 at other places. So one thing I didn't like, was how they price it. When you go to a slushie place you pay for the cup, and you can fill the cup as high as you want!
 It was fun getting to put toppings on and getting to chose how much you wanted. Now for the taste. I don't think it tastes like yogurt. For me it's good for the first five bites, but then it gets kinda " gummy tasting" for me. And then I start to not like it too too much. I'm not sure why this happens. And this wasn't the only place  where after the first five bites it tastes gummy. Over all, I give frozen yogurt a 4/10 for taste and price. For being able to do it yourself and decorate it at the place, I give decorating 10/10. ~ Abby ca.K.e


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