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Monday, November 29, 2010

My Summer at CUC Part 2

Ok the second chapter of my adventures over the summer.
The way June worked went like this: from 7-9 Adult cast practiced singing. Thursdays we danced. In July and August the practices were from 6-9. About August we started doing run-throughs of the show.
The first dance practice was interesting. We had to learn a really umm, lets just say it took us half an hour to learn it. Compared to that the rest of the practice went much better. That night I started a habit that I continued the rest of the summer. I went home and went over the dance. That way I wouldn't forget it :)

Holy Socks!
In the middle of the stage there's this plug thing with screws. When I was practicing the above mentioned dance step I tore a hole in my sock. That started a summer long legacy (for me at least) It's a long standing joke that I don't have a single pair of socks that don't have a hole in them. *looks down* yep I have holes in these too! During breaks was a huge chatfest (at least for us girls. . .) I remember I was laughing at something, and my friend Adrienne told me I had a beautiful laugh. Do you know what it's like to be in a new group and someone pays you a sweet compliment? You get that warm fuzzy feeling inside. I think around that point I started to feel more comfortable with the cast. I'll never forget the day that I walked into the foyer and the whole adult cast was just sitting on the floor talking. One huge group. I'm not saying that everyone was taking part in everyone else's conversations but it was really neat to have that belonging. There were days when people did split off to talk (hey I even had my own circle) I loved that everyone knew your name. I would walk into practice and a chorus of "Hi Esther" could be heard. The camraderie was awesome.
We had our bad days but there was more laughter than anything. One of the highlights of my summer (well, next to being in the production) was Musical Camp. It was a weekend day camp. We had our first run through Saturday night. That day during breaks we played Twister. Not just any twister. There were three people playing (including myself) and Andrew was supposed to be spinning. Instead he looked at our positions and made us go into the hardest positions ever. I went down first cause I was laughing so hard. Later, when we wanted Andrew to play he said he was busy. Hmmm.
Stay tuned for the third and last installment of My Summer at CUC: SHOWEEK!
Love, Esther

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Ok it has come!.Wnter!It snowed and it stayed! Ihope you all have a merry Christmas. And be safe

Friday, November 12, 2010


One day Steve came home very hungry as usual.
Abby put something in his hand and whispered," Give this dog treat to Eva."
I wagged my tail expectantly. To my surprise, Steve put it in his mouth.
Abby tried to stop him...
"Dad, that was a dog treat! Why did you eat it?"
What Steve heard from Abby was "Here is a treat I made."
Steve, trusting in his daughter's culinary skills, swallowed it innocently.
I did eventually get a treat, but now I will really need to keep an eye on Steve.
When he is really hungry, is he eyeing my treats?

What I Heard Under the Table

"I gotta go to RONA and buy a hornswaggler," Steve said clearly.
Janice Laughed and laughed. I wagged my tail and jumped up
beside Steve.
"A what??!!" Janice asked, still laughing.
"HORN SWATTER" Steve said clearly.
Janice did not stop laughing. Sometimes I wonder about her.. is she a bit
odd, daft, or blonde at the roots? Have any of you ever noticed that?
Also she is the only one who NEVER feeds me table scraps.
Janice begged Steve to tell her what he was actually going to buy
at RONA.
"FURNACE FILTER," Steve said clearly.
Sometimes I hear Janice laughing about this in the middle of the night. She
thought it was very funny. Most of you won't think it is funny, except possibly
Cyclone my dog friend, or Tia Loris, Janice's sister.

kim's Diary

Hello I'm so excited because I made my Build- a- bear a diary! and my bears name is KIM. So here is a video of it.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Summer at CUC Part 1

Hey guys,
This is a recap about my summer at CUC (Charleswood United Church) As most of you know Abby and I were in the musical Annie.
Part One: Cast Party Kick Off.
The theme was Super/Heroes. I was thinking about what I going to be as I was watching The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. The story plot was about heroes, so something twigged in my brain. Why not go as the female equal to Elliot (played by Larry the Cucumber) I wore a mint minidress with brown leggings, a red bandana and cap gun that looks like a pirate pistol. Abby went as Agent 99.
I felt a bit awkward going in. Would these people like me? Would they think I was wierd? I smiled and walked up to a group of teens talking. As I sat down a blonde guy asked me if I liked Twilight. I told him no. "Thank goodness! I thought I was the only non twihard here!" he said.
"My name's Aaron." Then I introduced myself. Soon we were called to form a large group. The production team (all dressed as superheroes) handed out pens and sheets of paper. We were going to play people bingo. You have all these cool or little known facts about people then find who can sign your paper. It's a really fun icebreaker.
Next we were divded into teams. Abby and I were on team blue. Aaron was on our team along a couple kids (Abby probably know what their names are) and three other girls from the adult cast. The first game we played was musical trivia. Team Blue was dived in half. Each team had a huge die with "Ghosts of CUC Past" Annie Trivia" Musical Trivia" (there were a couple others, I just can't remember them) Each team had to answer questions from the category rolled. Never mind which team won but it was a blast working as a team trying to answer who was the girl to play Annie on broadway (no it's not Shirley Temple as a redhead) Next we had to make up a team cheer. This was a bit of a toughie cause we're complete strangers. Everyone was a bit you know, awkward around each other. I can't remember how it happened but I think (correct me if I'm wrong guys!) that I said something about being wierd. That let to Aaron saying that "we're all wierd" and everyone agreed then burst out laughing.
That really helped everyone to loosen up. We came up with the name Blue Thunder.
We moved to another room where we played Friendship Feud. I didn't really get that one :)
The next station involved three squares of paper and our whole group. The squares were about 1 foot square. The goal was to begin with everyone (10 people) standing on the first square. Then one by one we had to go to the second square. Then the third. Then back again. It was intense. There was a lot of laughing and balancing children. Activity the third:
Downstairs we found a table with two sets of glasses (the kind you drink out of) numbered 1-5 and full of water.
Once again Team Blue was halved. We were sent to find slips of paper that were hidden in the room. Once all the slips were found you had to match the number on your paper with the glass on the table. That's not all. The glasses were of varying sizes, from about 4 oz to huge (think supergulp slushie size)
Guess which one I got? You guessed it. I got the megahuge one. But I downed it. I think my team won that round ;) Then all the teams met in the sanctuary for a big ending. Everyone performed their team cheer (we didn't win that category) But Blue did win the trivia game. Then there was a huge screaming competition. First Girls vs. Guys. Girls won. Then the different teams fought it out. Maybe my team screamed loudest (wonder why . . . )
All in all it was a great night to get to know the people you're going to be spending your summer with. (More about that in posts to come!)
Love, Esther

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thanks to you

I would like to say thank you to my one of my grandmas. I asked for ideas for Christmas presents, and she sent a book for me. Thanks!
Love Abby

THE Contest

In the fashion show. We have three winners! they are in are a team. Ok here is TEAM 1

Love Eva and Abby

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Need ideas

I am making Christmas presents.(I know its early but I have I LOT of friends) I need ideas. can you email If you have one.
Love Abby

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

snow.come! and stuff

It snowed! But then the next day it melted... SO I hope it snows again. And in the fashion show there will be some of Eva's friends in it. To give you some ideas.
love Abby!