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Monday, March 26, 2012


I am going to start packing today! I JUST CAN"T WAIT AHHH! Yesterday I had a friend over I can't say her name but I can say her lps name: Pearl. We had a pawesome time and talked sooo long. I am making more crafts like a book for my playmobil and stuff like that. I don't know what to say again! We our bringing Sushi on the trip.  BYE! Abby .k.
OH WAIT ONE MORE THING! Me and Pearl had a fashion show! so here is the video I hope you like it!
Tomorrow night I will be going to the house that I will be staying at when everyone goes on the trip. I will REALLY miss my mom and my family so much. I hope you are brushing your teeth! when I m at the house I will not be abble to blog becuase I will be busy watching TV. See ya tomorrow!
EVA xox

My name is Joshua I am Victoria's older brother and justins best friend.
After the video I had to take out my video that I wanted to bring so Victoria beat me! She packed less stuff and she's a girl. Well I can't wait for the trip it will be so fun. We will only be gone for 3 days so don't worry I will be back to blog more about littlest pet shop.
I like to play in the sand and I LOVE to wach " THE EX-DI" . I really like it because I got to be in one of the episodes! The episode I got to be in was called " KEEP TIME". I love my sister so much and I try to take good care of her. You might ask" where are your mom and dad? They are in heaven. I CAN"T WIAT FOR THE TRIP AHHHHHH!!!! I'm going to go jump on the walls.
BYE! Joshua .$.


I CAN'T WAIT AHHHHH! Only three more days until we get to go. I don't really know what to blog about. Today at 3:00 PM I will get to see my friend! We might bring a movie on the trip I think we should bring Barney becuase I had a dream about him last night. Naw I'm joking I do not want to watch Barney all day! But the dream was true. I finished making a playmobil microphone.
I don't know what else to say~ Abby .k. xox

WUFF WUFF CUTE CUTE! Abby is spending more time
with me because of the trip. Today she said she would REALLY miss me.
I will miss her to. This morning Abby gave me a bite of home made bread becuase I licked my paw twice.

Hello my name is Bibble I am Justin's little sister. Eva thinks I am cutish. Let me show you what I look like. 

I always wear the blue bow I just love it so much! I can't wait for the trip. This will be the third time for me going on a trip out of playmobil world and to the real world where all the humans live.
Sunday I don't really know what to post so that's why this is so short!
BYE! Bibble ^_^

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Today I got some gum the flavor was " GREEN APPLE AND PINEAPPLE". It's for the trip but me and Esther tried some and it was so yummy!
Last night it rained! In the night I woke up at 4:14 because of the rain and today it was VERY VERY cold. Dad said " It's good for the farmers" so at least the rain did something good.
Well I'm going to do finish a craft. Bye! Abby .k. xox

Saturday, a day that everyone sleeps in exept me and Abby. Abby comes to my kennel and lets me out, takes me down stairs, feeds me,  calls me cute and goes back up.  It was raining all night so I hope a cat got wet HEHEHEHE. I am going back to bed.
licks and wags EVA xox

Today Eva let ME do the littlest pet shop post so thank you Eva. I have a video of what I look like here it is.

My name is Victoria  .S. I am Joshua's little sister I am a snake ( the cutest one you have ever seen but I will never be as cute as EVA)
Joshua takes good care of me and makes sure I eat healthy and get fresh air every day.
Now in the video I was packing for the trip and Joshua and me are having a contest of who can pack the least. I think it's gonna be a tie. Also in the video you saw "The Ex-DI" stamp. The series are kinda like the FPI but playmobil. What the Ex-DI team do is to make sure our world is safe. ( filmed by Abby .k.)
I am also kinda famous because of Joshua, What he did was ask me to sing in front of  playmobil city.
Everyone liked my voice but the problem is my voice does not have a western accent.
See you all later! Victoria .$.

Friday, March 23, 2012


On the trip I will need  snack to eat SO we are buying gum today! The only problem is I need to find a gum that does not have ASPARTAME. I don't know a lot about it but Esther and mom say its bad for you, but they said  its OKAY if we find a gum with it in it becuase we don't swallow gum. Still I will try to find ASPARTAME free gum.
see ya tomorrow! ~ Abby .k.
Please don't look at me! I'm not groomed!
Oh well I still look cute but not adorable. I got groomed today it hurt so much. And Abby just watched me and did not do any thing to help me get away from mommy!Yesterday I had my singing lessons I'm so good at singing. BYE FOR NOW MWAHAHAHA Eva oxoxo
Guess who this is, I am fabulous  and famous I have pink and cream hair I am a bird.
IT'S ME GLORIA WINTERS!And I can't wait for the trip the only problem is that I have to pack ALL of my makeup.
I better show you my profile picture so you know its me the famous Gloria Winters
Now if you aren't a toy you might not know who I am, So I will tell you who I am and what I do.
I became famous when I was a extra in the movie " RED HOOD CAKE" filmed by Abby .k.
They liked my acting skills so then Abby .k. worked on my voice a little bit. After that I was the star
in the movie " HOLD ON TO HOPE" filmed by Justin PAW PAW
When the movie came out, People LOVED my voice and then the life began. Now then ANY toy sees me they scream and ask me if they could take a picture with me :) I just went to the store to buy my favorite lipstick brands for the trip and luckly I had my Iphone with me so I filmed some of it. I hope you enjoy!
xox Gloria <3 ( thats a heart in text)

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I will be going on a trip on March 28th until Aprill 1st!!!!!
My family ( exept Eva ) will be going to see our Grandma,Grandpa and my cousins.
So every single day till March 28 I will do a blog post ( usually about the trip) today I will have two posts in one.
We went to a science fair and our project was~ CAN YUMMY COOKIES BE HEALTHY?~
and some of you tried the cookies remember? I don't REALLY want to talk about what thescience fair
project is about so mayby Esther will do a big BORING post about it. At the end of the science fair the judge gave us 48/50!! and mom thought we would get less like 20/50 or 5/50. Well enough about school.
Abby .k.

My eyes look so weird :/
Well you want cute! I won't give you cute! I'll give you ADORABLE. Oh yah beat that cat on the street!
sadly I can't go on the trip, but I get to go to this house with CATS and guinea peg TV! hehehe
I know Abby will miss me. Also there is no snow! I am so happy Esther ,Janice and Abby have been taking me to parks! Esther ( mom) got some more dog food yesterdy, it was as tall as Abby! ( well almost)
I have to go bark at the cat
licks and wags EVA THE ADORABLE DOG xoxox

Enough about real people and thank you Eva for letting me do this can you guess who it is? its
JUSTIN PAW PAW! you know me I'm from Justin's cooking show.

all of the littlest pet shops in playmobil world ( exept for the walkables) get to go on the trip to! so here is my packing list AND a  top hat that joshua made for me

See ya later! ( tomorrow you get gloria) JP

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pawbucks part1

Welcome to Pawbucks cafe.
Pawbucke cafe is a cafe that sells sweets,charms,cakes, icecream and thank you cards.
It is also used for meeting and birthday parties. The price range is $0.01 to $25.00!!!!
Verry soon there will be a tour to show you every thing!!!!!The  owners  are the PLAYMOBIL
kids.Pawbucks also makes sushi. That's it for right now. Verry soon you will get a tour!!!
Abby .k.
P.S Pawbucks caffe was MY idea so of you wanted to copy it you must have this on it-
█║▌│ █│║▌ ║││█║▌ │║║█

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Charm bracelet

My best friend had an idea, it was that we made clay charms and wear them on a charm braselet BUT

I didn't have a charm bracelet so I made one. I made one out of a necklace ( it took me 1 hour) and then I was done! So the next day my best friend came over and gave me a pizza charm!!!!
The charm that I made was a teddy bear doughnut. That's what I have benn doing lately and very soon I will show you my " pawbucks" caffe.
Abby .k.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Where Challenge

The Where challenge is this, you find some thing in your house and find out how it is made. I choose Zinc Oxide in sunscreen. Here is the video I hope you like it :)
Abby .k.


Today me and mommy went to the Zoo!!!! and the lions were awake and moving!!!! and the male lion looked at me! The cool thing we got to see was the male lion was scratching the bars to get into the inside part of the cade. The female lion was pasing and was trying to stop the male lion. Then the lions saw DONKEYS!!!! the donkeys were lead by one of the zoo volunteers  back to their barn ) The lions went CRAZY!!!!
 The Red Pandas were TOO cute. They were playing follow the leader and it was sooo adorable!! Then when we went into the tropical house all the red pandas were eating! I liked it because they all were sharing the food and they all ate  daintily. My mom loved the red pandas because of the rich fur colour.
 One more thing- SKYPE is working!!!! ( yay)
Also .