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Friday, August 31, 2012


Have you ever heard the song from VeggieTales " We are the grapes of wrath we never take a bath bla bla bla"?    Well I think I'm a grape because I hardly take a bath, oh wait. If mom sees this she's going to say I need a bath, but I had one on Wensday, so I think I'm safe. Did you know we grow grapes in our front yard? Also have you ever tried FROZEN grapes? They are THE BEST. Photo time! This is what Eva was doing when I was posting:

                                             Here are some grapes!

                                               Theese are freezed ya know
                                                  Eva's Paw!
                                                  This is what it looked like BEFORE I picked some of the grapes!
                                                        Thats it for today! See me or Eva on Monday! BYE,
                                                              Abby .k.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We forgot

SO sorry I have been busy being cute! So I forgot to to blog posts! But, Because I am awake early in the morning, I get all the funny stories like this one that just happened this morning.........
Early in the morning : bla bla bla, Steve grabs Abby's backpack? And goes out the door for work. WHY? did he grap Abby's back pack? It's pink! A little later but still early in the morning: Janice comes and feeds me, bla bla bla, then someone is at the door. It's Steve! With Abby's backpack, he got mixed up with his backpack and Abby's backpack!
I don't know what else to say.
Licks and Wags, Eva

Something, And more guests!

Wuff Wuff its me Eva! At first today I was going to let Gloria Winters do the post, so I phoned her, and she went to her laptop and started bloging. And I went  back to being cute. But somethng
 was not right about that, this is MY blog, and I have to keep it going. SO I went to Gloria, and told her that I need to do the post. SO here I am.
The family is going to Disney Land in October, and I can't come. BUT one of Abby's toys made me a Barbie robot, that I will controll, and stuff like that! Photo time! THeese photos aren't realy good BECUASE I HATE the flash, and I do not think its worth it, my eyes hurt after Abby uses the flash, SO no flashes on this post.

                                             WHat is that!?

                                              THis is what I do all day!
                                                 Well, I have to go bark at some cats!
                                                      Licks And Wags, Eva

Friday, August 24, 2012

A video, a solo and the End.

CleoPatra was in a interview yesterday! Here is the video :
Also, in musical, when it's almost the show, we sing songs in the church, ( song from the musical, also I do not go to the church that we are going to sing at)   This Sunday, we are singing a song that  my friend and I have solos in, BUT she can't make it, so I GET THE WHOLE SOLO! It's about four lines ( not words, )
This is what I'll be singing : Gum chewing's fine when its once in a while, it stops you from smoking and brightens your smile, but its repulsive revolting and wrong, every one sings, then back to me , just the way a cow does.: You might not get the song, thats why you should get tickets and see the show !
Also, we have grapes! They are small, but they are grapes!
Here are the photos of the day :
                                           Sorry its blurry, I'm blaming the camera!
                                                CleoPatra dyed her hair gold!

                                                  CleoPatra with her best friend Alice J ButterCup!
                                                             Does this KINDA look like the blog logo?
                                                             Maybe just a little? You're not buying it. The cupcake was a fail.
                                     Well, this is the end of the week for me! Eva and I do not do blog pots and Saturday or Sunday, its our day off.  I hoped you enjoyed this fun (NOT) week!
                                                                  See Eva or me on Monday!
                                                                      ( I might ask for them to film my solo just for you, maybe.......)
Abby .k

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Alice Buttercup

Before our guest starts, here are some photos that Abby took,

                                               If you click on the photo, and look closly, you can see one of my eyes!

                                              A craft Abby did, its Minnie Mouse, ( well kina)

Licks and Wags, Eva.

                                 My name is Alice Buttercup, but you can call me Buttercup,
                               I like planting flowers, and looking at sunsets. I LOVE bird watching
                               and my favorite thing to do is watch grass grow!
                                  UM NO, thats just my secret cover, I'm really an agent for the * Ex-Di*
                                   Most of the time, I am practicing shooting, flips, and stuff like that.
                             ( I also do my training with the super heroes, not trying to brag)
                              Now for the questions :

Gender : Girl

Name : Alice J Buttercup

Age : 18

City : Canada LPS city

school : Spy school. ( I can't say the name for secret resons) sorry.

Best firend : CleoPatra

Band That I am In : None

Sport that I am In :  I am not really in a sport, I'm busy being an agent. ( but I do ballet as part as my covor)

favorite movie :  How To Train Your Dragon.

One thing about me :   I was the stunt girl for Astrid in How To Drain Your Dragon  ( the toy world version)  Also I am a stunt girl, I do all the tricks in most toy movies . Here are some photos of what I REALY look like!\
                                                            Jumping out of a window.
                                                               Standing on a door.
                                          Turning off a pine cone bomb.
                                                                                                                                      me doing a flip.
                                                      * Note from Abby* * This was taken on a wall, not on the ground, so it                                                                                                        it.  was harder to get the effect*
                                                                               I have to go back to work, 
                                                                                It was nice blogging!~ Alice J                                     

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Did My Nails ( again)

Before I start, I want to say something, I first time I did my nails this year was in February, then I did them in
May, then in July. And then now. So I do my nails almost every two or three months!
Here are links to the other posts about my nails:
sorry, I did not do a post about February.
Also I am warning you, the photo of my thumb is a little blurry, but it took a LOT of time, and I was getting tired of it.
I used a dark green, then I put a glitter nail polish on to that.

                                              Here is the blurry one, sorry.

                                           Eva about to bark......
                                           Eva barking....
Eva After barking....

Also, it has been a year for me that I have been blog posting,
This year I have really done a LOT, but in 2011 it was not as much.
 ( Eva is letting me do what I am about to tell you)
 SOOO, I am going to film mysefl making a cake, and then decoreating it, so then it looks like the blog logo.
( And maybe in the toy world they will have a party)
 I just need time, ( like tonight I could make this cake if I have enough time on my camera)
I also want to thank YOU for reading my blog, it means a LOT to me.
( Yeah I'm talking to YOU) 
BLa bla bla bla
Abby .k. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How To Make Ice Cream

If you do not have an ice cream maker, and you want to make ice cream but you don't want to do the trick that you shake it in a bag, then this is a way that you can make ice cream!
                * VIDEO COMING  SOON *
                         For one serving. ( you can always double the recipe)
x 1 cup milk
x 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
x 1 Tablespoon brown sugar ( or white sugar, if you want you can add more sugar)
With this resipe you can make any flavor!

First combine milk with  Vanilla extract.
Add the sugar, mix very well.
Then Taste. If you need to add more of anything do that now.
Taste again.
Then take a thin container.
( about this thin)

Put your mixer into the container, then put into freezer. ( make sure it is flat)
wait 20 minutes then take the container out of the freezer.  Give the mixture ( that is in the container)
a stir or two. Do this every 20 minutes. Until the texture is like this :

Then your ice cream is ready to eat!
You can also use  chocolate milk, to try out something new! If you make this ice cream, please email me or Janice a photo of it!
Abby .k.


Before our guest starts, here are some photos that Abby took of me:

                                            You can't really see the frog, but if you click on it, it should look bigger.
                                                                 now for our guest. ~ Eva

              My name is CleoPatra, I an a HUGE fan of Eva, and getting to meet eva was also every specail.
             You must know that I am not the " CLEOPATRA* that was in your history books, I am a lost child of her, and I am not in your history books because I got lost in time. And I keep getting lost in time! I have lived in the yeat 3012, you aren't missing anything. I have lived in the very old days ( I wish our food had stayed intresting, now everyone likes eating something called * Ham burger* I don't see any ham in any burger) And whats up with * Hot dogs*? You aren't eating a dog ,and this food is not " hot: it is warn.
 Now for my profile :       
 Gender : Girl
 Name : CleoPatra
Age : 18
City : Canada LPS city
school : I don't go to school, I bet I know more about Canada then you!
Best firend : Alice Buttercup
Band That I am In : None
Sport that I am In :  Speed mermaid swimming
favorite movie : Tangled
One thing about me :  ( I can bring stuff from other times into this time, sadly it will only work for toyworld )
Here are some photos of me :

                                   I also have an accent, Maybe it's from being all around the toy world?
                                   I  hoped you enjoy this post, have a wonderful day!
                                      ~ CleoPatra

Monday, August 20, 2012

Do YOU know how to craft?

Before I start, I said a while ago I would do a blog post that is a recipe, right now I am trying to think  of one, hopefully it will be up one of the days of this week..
 Eva said we need to do some more fun stuff on this blog! So tomorrow we will have a guest.....
( hehehehe) But today I have a question for you, do you know how to do a craft? It could be sculpting, sewing, gluing, Etc.  I think everyone knows how to do a craft, they just need to try.
I think I am good at SOME crafts BUT one craft that I can't do ( I don't want to try) is drawing, I'm fine at painting but drawing I just don't like. ( I mean I don't like drawing people) ( except for stick people!)  I know I could be  good at drawing if I really TRIED. Esther had a hidden craft talent, and it is drawing, she is so amazing at drawing people, animals, food, cupcakes,. Here is a photo of a cupcake she drew.
                                  please click on the photo to see it up close, also I colored it in.
                                 Esther is good at drawing by looking at something, in this photo, she looked at a 
                              cupcake cartoon thingy.
                                 Esther's foot is getting better, now she can go on walks! Eva is now starting to eat  her normal kibble. Now I have to go find a recipe, ice cream? I don't know.
                                                  Thinking, Abby .k.

I'm Sick

Wuff wuff, I am kinda sick, I keep throwing up at night. Esther is going to take me to the V-Vet today.
I hope I'm okay.   * Goes to the vet* . I feel better, Abby told me to tell you what I did at the vet :
Abby : Eva got weighed on an animal weigher that they walk on. Eva also got a shot thingy to help her not to throw up, they thought she was going to yelp but she didn't! Eva is feeling better but she has to have pills,
and eat rice and beef.
Lick and Wags, Eva.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I am not been blogposting because we went camping! I took lots of photos, Eva did not come with us, she went to a friend's house. Here are the photos; I mean here are ALL of the photos:

                                            They are spider webs
                                              A sunset

                                             Mom is REALY photo genic

                                          Remember to click on a photo to see it up close

                                               See how I got up?

                                             We slept in a Yurt
                                           I slept on the top

                                         The couch folds out into a bed, mom and dad slept there


                                                   We went on a walk, and this is what is said before we went on the trail!

                                         This plant looked silver!

                                               Warning, in two photos you will see a small dead fish

                                               Another sunset!
                                             I hope you enjoyed the photos, does that make up for missing those days?
                                                     Abby .k.