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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I finished my 10K!

So on Sunday I did my 10K. It rained a LITTLE bit, and it was a little misty while running, but that is better than very hot weather, so I was happy. It was very well organized.
So how was the run?
It was harder,and when I ran I thought " Why on earth am I doing this? This is harder than I thought" But when I look back, I would totally do it AGAIN.
Were you first? No, I don't think I was even close, but I was doing this to FINISH, and ACCOMPLISH something. ( Also the 10K was a non competitive race) Now, I didn't really invite a lot of my friends to watch me because I kinda forgot, and also they would have to wake up VERY early. For me, I had to wake up at 5:00 AM. Was I really sleepy tired to do the run? Nope.
 Also this was on Father's day! This felt like a very long day, which was really cool! 5:00 AM-9:10ish ( Hey, I was tired!)  The morning was very long which was very cool, I just felt like it was an interesting day being long. There was a LOT of people in the run, it was also cool because there was places when people handed a small cup with some water in it, and it was funny because sometimes there was no garbage ( or I couldn't see a garbage while running) So at the water places there was all these white cups on the sides of the road.
What was your time? 58 minutes and 13 seconds. For me personal y and my personal time, this was the fastest I had ran on most of my runs, and I thought I had been VERY SLOW
                This was after the race, I just wanted you to see my whole outfit.
                                                Can you find me?
                                                   Before the race..
.                                           After the race.  The volunteer in the background is looking at the camera, I didn't even know she was behind me...
Abby ca.K.e


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