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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Camping trip!!

I didn't get to do a  blog post for two days because I was away camping! We were gone for three days, came to the camp place on day one, had a whole day to hike, and on the third day we came home. We stayed in a Yurt, because some people in our family don't like real camping. So I guess we went Yurting. Eva did not come because dogs aren't allowed in yurts. We also met a park cleaner who is one of our friends from musical! . Here are the photos
                                             You need to turn your head  to see this the right way.
                                            On the way to the washrooms, we saw a whole bunch of dead butterflies on the road. ( Trust me, they where dead or almost dying) So Esther and I brought some of them back to our yurt and took some photos.
                                            Who is she? Stay tuned in another post.
                                        There was one alive, who was dying, and it didn't want to go off of Esther's hand!
                                              One random wing we found on the road.
                                             A photo on a hike...
                                            Esther found something that had the ten commandments on it!!!

                                               A happy family on a happy camping trip.. ~ Abby ca.K.e


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