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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


For half a year, I've seen white, and brown. For half of a year, I've worn a coat and mittens, for half of a year it's been below zero. Well, I'm calling five months of snow half a year, OK? Well, no more wearing coat and mittens, no more seeing white and brown, no more being below zero, because it's finally happened, SPRING IS HERE!!! Yesterday, I only had to wear my sweater!! Most of the times in the day  I didn't even have to wear it!!! I am so happy, that spring is here!!! This week we're getting ready for our family's Graduation party, so I might not be blogging a lot. ~ Abby ca.K.e

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Snow, why are you sill here?

This snow stuff is getting boring, I miss nice smelling grass, that I can eat and roll in.  I can roll in snow, it's just harder to roll in it, and  I like the taste of grass better. Abby is also getting tired of snow. The only good thing is,the sun is out!! I can lay in sun spots in the house, like on the stairs, living room... Abby pets my sometimes when I'm in a sunspot, and I LOVE that!!!! Do you like to sleep in sun spots? I DO! Licks and Wags, Eva.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Card-y Wednesday!

Today, isn't crafty Wednesday, its Card-s Wednesday! Remember the people I visited on the weekend? I  made birthday cards for them, and I took photos of the cards before giving them away!

                                                    This one is a Lego mad scientist!

          This one is almost like an Indiana Jones Lego guy, but  more like a cowboy/ Indiana Jones.
                                                          This is just a normal Lego guy.
                                                      This one is a sports Lego guy, holding a baseball bat!
                                         Do you make cards? I think people enjoy homemade cards more than store bought cards because homemade cards have more love put into the effort for the card. If you was a tutorial on any of the cards, just comment down below! ~ Abby ca.K.e

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Try Something New A Day Episode 15?

On Friday, I made home-made goldfish crackers! If you don't know what goldfish crackers are, they are crackers shaped into fish with a smile, and they have different flavors, ( at first they only had the flavor cheese). Here is a picture of them: * NOTE, this is NOT my picture, this is from Google, all the rights in this picture goes to Google 
Don't they look cute? The only time  I have them is when I'm in childcare because they have fishy crackers for a snack.  I didn't make normal fishy crackers with the cheese, and making them orange, I used Chocolate Covered Katie's recipe for " Healthy White Cheddar Vegan Goldfish Crackers". I did some changes in the recipe because I didn't have any onion powder, instead I added Garlic salt a little small tiny bit of beef stock, some basil, and lemon! ( I did add some other spices but I won't name every single one!). The first time I made them ( Friday) Esther and I shaped them into fish and we used our mini cookie cutters to made them into animal crackers! But the second time I made them, I just took the dough and made mini pancake shapes to make the process quicker. Now, for the taste test. They where a bit too salty, but crackers are supposed to be salty. I loved them so much, that I made them again yesterday! I really recommend this recipe for a healthy snack to bring alone somewhere, or just something to snack on! Click on me to go to the recipe. * Note, if the link doesn't work leave a comment below telling me it doesn't work and I will fix it!*Here are some pictures of the lovely crackers: 
                                         They taste better than they look!
                                         The only thing I'm still experimenting about is how much salt to add. Right now it's STILL too salty for me, I can still eat them, but I need to work on the salt. So if you do make them, and don't like things too salty, add LESS salt! ~ Abby ca.K.e 

Jumping Party on the weekend!!

On Saturday in the morning, I did some crafting, AND made  four birthday cards! I will show them on crafty Wednesday. I also did some school work on Saturday. But, I got to go to one of my friends house,and they live outside of the city, so we hardly see each other . We had supper bla bla bla, but then, I found out they got a trampoline! So it was a jumping party, and I was doing all types of gymnastics jumps! On Sunday I was on puppets at church, so I did that all morning, then one of Esther's friends came over for lunch, and then we went on a family walk.  Oh, by the way, Happy Earth day. It should be more like " Happy snow is slowly melting day". Yes, we still have snow, and mud.  ~ Abby ca.K.e

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Mommy!

I have been busy since coming back from the trip, that's my reason of lack of blog posts. I might do a blog post about the trip, but this week we're trying to catch up with everything. Yesterday, because we have this coupon for a free movie ticket, Esther and I went to see the movie " Oz The Great And Powerful ". Esther and I LOVED the movie. But, today I'm not going to tell you about how great the movie was, today is someone special's birthday.. My mom's! Happy birthday mommy!! Without her, blog posts do not get done. WHY? Because she is the editor. She checks to see if everything is spelled right, and if there's any typos. Some times I can't publish a blog post because she's to busy to check it! She also is the one who let Eva start this blog, ( Because Eva used the cutie force to make her say yes). We all love her, and without her, we wouldn't find half the lost things in our house. ~ Abby ca.K.e

They're back!!

Good news, yesterday, Esther Abby and Janice came home!! They came home at 6:00 PM, human time. ( For me they came back after months!) Abby told me she will do a blog post about her trip, she said she is very tired, and needs rest today. Abby is petting and kissing me, and letting me lick her , same with Esther!!!! Esther let me lick her for 20 minuets! I am very happy to have them back, Esther started singing again, so I joined her!  Licks and Wags, Eva.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm All Alone!!!!

The house is so sad. Esther, Janice and Abby are gone on a trip, and I'm all alone! Steve is my only companion, and he is really nice. He pets me and talks to me, but yesterday he came home late so I couldn't have supper until 8:00 PM!!!!! Abby's Playmobil are the only ones to talk to when Steve isn't home. I'm to sad to do anymore, howl howl, licks and wags, Eva.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Tomorrow We Leave! Eva got a bath..

Eva was so dirty, her paws were really brown!!! So Esther and I gave her a bath. And I took LOTS of pictures. Hehehehe!!!! She looks very small when wet, but yes, this cute rat thing in the pictures IS Eva!!!

                                              She Likes moving a LOT in the tub!
                                           It's blurry, but cute!

                                             Esther was washing Eva's paws.

                                           One paw at a time!
                                                     Look how small she is when wet!!!!
                                             She's going to sniff the camera, how cute!
                                           Again, Esther's scrubbing Eva, she was so dirty, and smelled!
                                           Eva, stand still!!
                                             Eva sniffing the  camera again!
                                           Her eyes look so big when she's wet!!
                                    Our  littlest dogness! ( Thanks Tia Cheryl for the idea of dogness!)
                                           You can see her eyes!
                                          This one I really like because of the motion in the picture.
                                             What is she looking at? 
                                        We're wrapping her up in an old towel to dry her off. 
                                             SOOOOOOOOOO   CUUUTE!
                                               This picture is Eva Licking her nose.
 After the bath Dad and Esther groomed Eva. Esther cut off some extra hair on her paws, and I can't get over the cuteness. 
    See that pink thing Eva's sniffing? That has the Littlest Pet Shops I'm bringing on the trip! ~ Abby ca.K.e

Thursday, April 4, 2013

2 More Days Until Rosebud! Changes in the Blog

I've been looking at the blog lately, and I'm finding I need to change some stuff. Maybe the color of the words? I'm going to start changing the blog, but don't worry I'll ask Eva if I can do everything. First off, instead of it just being Eva answering comments and stuff, I've now made it Eva and Abby. Eva isn't the only one who does blog posts, and I think I should get some credit? Also, in the about me part of the blog, I've added some stuff about me. I'm going to do some changes in the blog, and if you don't like the new layouts that I will be doing, please tell me. I've seen bloggers and websites change their layouts, and I hate them. So that's why I'm just saying, something new you don't like? Comment on a post ( Maybe this one) and I might change it. I might try having all the words this color, or this colour. You might see a post with every word the color of the rainbow!!!  I'm really starting to like this orange color. Hmmm.... Maybe  the background color will change. Wait, I don't like the yellow background. Halloween colors right here!  I haven't packed for Rosebud yet, neither have I packed stuff to do in the Van. I'm decided, to bring my LPS Walkables. I love them too much to leave them in the house with dad. What about Playmobil? I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to bring my Playmibil, but I love them WAY to much, I would be Ok, if I lost a Littlest Pet Shop in the Van, but a Playmobil? Never have I brought them on a trip. I LOVE them too much.  Is there something you had when you where a child that you still love? I will always love playmobil, and I know a mother who collects Playmobil! Now that's pawesome! ( Pawesome is like awesome, but for us doggy lovers!)
The movies we have for the trip is Cars. I've watched in on the plane to Disneyland. Esther didn't get to watch some parts of it on the plane, so in the car she'll watch it. I think I like this layout the best, sorry for the crazy post!! ~ Abby ca.K.e

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3 More Days Until Rosebud!!!

Today we're going to the Library! I'm planning to get some books, and mom said we could MAYBE get four movies, ( watch two on the way to Rosebud, watch two on the way back) I've thought of some other movies I want to bring Tangled, Up, Wall-E. If you haven't noticed, they're all Disneyland and Pixar movies!
Now for something more important,There is a blogger I read who needs more readers, more comments, she deserves to be more famous than Santa, the blog I want to talk about today is called " Lets Cook!". She does some healthy recipes, and explains everything clearly. Click " Lets Cook" to get to her blog!!
 In March, she asked her readers to send her requests for recipes ( Or what I did was I requested a theme to be turned into a recipe).  But, what I need YOU to do, is send in YOUR requests to Anna! ( Anna is the lovely lady who writes this blog) This means if you want to know how to make a cherry pie, ask her and she might do a post on how to make a cherry pie! Ever wondered if you could make a Mother's day meal? Send her an email, and she'll be glad to help! Here is her email:  Or if you want to read more about how this sending requests work, check out her post explaining it: .
One thing I loved was, I requested her to do something Mickey Mouse themed. She did the most lovely thing, had an idea to make a Mickey mouse cake AND Mickey Mouse cupcakes! ( I'm planning to make the cupcakes and send her a picture).  Here is the post about the Mickey Mouse cake and Cupcakes:
So please, check out her blog, she deserves to be more famous than Santa.
 Abby ca.K.e

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

4 More days Until Rosebud!!

On Saturday Mom, Esther and I will be leaving very early in the morning to Rosebud! So, I' going to do a count down every day, with hopefully something to do with the trip. Today, I need to decide what to bring in the Van to do. I'm going to bring my Littlest Pet Shops, but which ones? I think I already know but I don't want to bring my Walkable LPS ( That stands for Littlest Pet Shop) because they're to fragile to be packed ( and I don't want to lose them).  I'm going to bring maybe two books, it depends what mom planned me to read on the trip. I'm for sure bringing gum, I remember eating gum on the plane ride to Disneyland! What do you like bringing on trips? Do you just watch movies and play videos games on your toy for hours? I might watch one or two movies ( Including Ratatillie if I can get it in time). ~ Abby ca.K.e

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Party on the Weekend!

I see, that I haven't been blogging lately. Because we still have snow, March was more like December. There was nothing to blog post about, I'm busy with stuff, but nothing I thought you would find interesting. I PROMISE this week will have a post every day! On Friday we went to the Good Friday service at our church  and  I worked ( Yes I have a job! Its a cleaning job).On Saturday I went to our Scrapbooking meeting we do once every month and I won the $60 gift card to the store this month! The great thing about the Scrapbooking club we're in, is that you pay $10 every month, but everyone gets the $60 dollar gift card at the end on the six months! So you get back what you pay! I also went to a friend's house, who is a new friend, who I met earlier on that week. I showed my friend and her friend how to make mini food out of the clay I use! Then we watched a movie called " Monster In Paris".
* NOTE, this is not my picture, I copied this from Google, all the credit goes to Google, and who's website this was from*
Here is a picture of the movie. It's about this flea who is really tall, and can sing really well! How did the flea become really tall and have a a voice like an angel? This scientist had a potion that made you very tall, and a potion that made you sing amazing. The two dropped off the shelf, and mixed together, and a flea who was flying got both the potions on him, so he got really tall, and had an amazing voice. In the picture you see, the big tall guy is the flea, because everyone thought he was a monster, but that girl you see in the photo loved his voice, so she dressed him up so then he could sing with her. I LOVED the movie, and the singers where amazing. On Sunday we went to our church's Easter service, then we went to our friends' Easter service because they where playing in the Orchestra n the service ( and they did AMAZING!!). We went on a walk, and made Easter eggs. Here are the photos from the weekend.
 I forgot to mention, we did this wisdom and folly feast, so I made a wisdom and folly feast out of clay. This is Folly's feast.
                                             This is wisdom's feast, yes I chose Frodo to be the host of this dinner.
                                            Mom and I made a healthy  rice crispies tomb!
                                              Does it look good?
                                                 After, yes we don't like eating candy...
                              Guess who did which egg. Did mom do the right one, and did I do the left one?
                                              Mom did this one ( It's not finished yet)

                                                 And I did this one ( Not finished yet)
                                           Eva, please don't leave me to do all of the blog posts! ~ Abby ca.K.e

Spring break!

This year, I don't think it should be called " Spring break" I think it should be called, " Another winter break, oh look, yesterday the snow was slightly melting yay".
We still have snow,  but it's not 20 below, so we WILL survive!!  Because Esther's so busy I had to brush Eva's teeth! Her tongue gets in the way too much, and I had to sit on her to make her still!If you have a dog, remember to brush his teeth, its very impotent. ~ Abby ca.K.e

Graduation Party On The Weekend.

NOTE, this is from last week**
My Tia Cheryl and Grandparents where going to be here on the weekend, BUT, because of the weather they made a very wise decision and said they couldn't come. Later on, mom found out some roads were closed because of the weather, and that there was a 100 car crash thing, but thankfully my Tia and Grandparents didn't go, so they are safe.
 I still get to see my Tia and Grandparents when we go to Rosebud , so it's not like I won't see them for another year. On  Friday, I was at a homeschooling conference that I wouldn't have gone to if my Tia and Grandparents would of come.  I wish they would have come, because I could live if  I didn't go. The last session on Friday was the only interesting one,because the speaker had a power point, and explained the Bible like NewYork city, because of all the hidden passages. The other interesting thing that night was we stated to watch a very interesting movie. I don't know what it's called, and it's too complicated to explain.   Saturday morning was also interesting because we has a speaker who went on a trip to Africa, and I
m really interested in Africa.  BUT, something very impotent happened on Saturday,....... Esther graduated! (
Well, lets just SAY that, because she still needs to do school until June, but they do the grad ceremony  on March so then everyone at the conference  can see it). Esther got to say a speech, and she did amazing! After the grad, we went to a restaurant, and I put every spice on my dish, so it was REALLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY SSSSSSSPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCYYYYYYYY! ( Really spicy). Or, as some people would say, it was HOT!!! But I liked it. On Sunday, it was a normal Sunday, we went to  Church  I was in Four year old child care, we came home I need to go clean the floors, Cinder is out!~ Abby ca.K.e