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Monday, July 30, 2012

What We Did On The Weekend

On Friday, our family and my best freind's family went to ballet in the park. Then after it was over we went for ice cream, and then us kids ( my best freind her younger brother and I) hid from our parents.
( Eva did not come).
On Saturday, I packed for- something I will tell you later on. Then I packed Eva's stuff. In the evening our family went to the van and drove. We went to a "Bed & Breakfast".
But this was a really cool one, we where in the basement of this house, and the basment did not seem like a basement. It seemed like a house with a patio.
Dad and Mom got one room and a bathroom bigger than my room. Esther and I got a room and across from it was our bathroom. ( in both rooms were goodiebags that had chips and bars and chocolate) We got a kitchen and a dining room, a living room, and this patio thingy that Eva was going to stay in because dogs aren't aloud there.
Now I will tell you what we did that evening.  The place had a BIG back yard with a beach with beach chairs and kayaks and a canoe and a paddle boat that you paddle with your legs. Esther and I went on the paddle boat with Eva, while dad and mom took the two kyaks. Esther and I were really good at the paddle boat, one thing about this lake
is that there where boats coming back and forth, and right across the lake was a field of cows.
The hard part was making sure,
1. You did not get creamed by the boats.
2. The waves did not dump you over.

Dad was great on the kayak and going on the waves! But well, mom didn't do so good.
When Esther and I were paddleing, dad amd Esther switched on the lake! ( So dad was on the kayak
and Esther was in the paddle boat and dad got out of the kayak and Esther went into it) ( And I was holding Eva the whole time) 
After a while Mom wnt back to the beach and I took the kayak out, because there were two kayaks, Esther and I went out together. At night we had a marshmellow roast on the beach. ( with Eva)
and then bla bla boring. Then we went to bed.
In the morning we went kayaking and mom and dad went into the canoe. bla bla bla.
We went to a moving bridge bla bla, then we went to Pinawa Dam.
And there is a small water fallish place that poeple use as a waterslide.
There is a risk if you go on this thing, you could:
1. Drown because at one part the water takes you under and then when you think you are back up and done, the water takes you back down.
2. This is made out of rocks, so you can get hurt and get your fingers stuck in the rock cracks.
But Esther, dad and I all went down, Esther got hurt.
Then dad got hurt.
So I was left.
The last time I went down, the water REALLY pulled me down and I had to try to swim up!
Then we had to go home.
On the way home was really fun.  Eva was put in her kennel. And we saw clouds moving,
I saw shapes  that moved and it was fun THEN the weather started to look like tornado weather.
So I looked in the clouds and I was trying to look for funnel clouds because they made tornados.
Far away I saw a funnel, but then it went away. It started to rain YAY! But then the rain went down too much, we could not see, so we found this turn off, that was right beside the road. Almost every car did the same thing, and some stopped right where they where.
Time passed and the rain cooled down. We went home bla bla bla. The End
If you think this was along post, then I think this maybe made up for missing posting?
Abby .k.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Wow. I am so sorry that I have not done a blog post in  a LONG time. On the weekend, Esther and I went kid sitting at South Beach Casino Hotel, because their mom and dad were at a wedding. AND at night the Reception was in a room by the Casino. I had a great time, we got to swim when no one, yes NO ONE was in the pool, we got room service, got to stay up late watching TV. I am so sorry I have not been blogging, Eva got kinda groomed by me yesterday, ( Insert Evil Laugh). No, I was kind to Eva, just ask her! Because I have not been blogging, I am going to give you some links to old blog posts. just click it please. Please click on it?
 * Eva comes into room pushes Abby off of the computer*  Its me Eva, please click on those links, I am very very cute.
Licks And Wags, Eva
AND ME!!! Abby .k.
( If anything is spelled wrong, it is because mom has not proof read this because she is at a birth)

Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm Late!

I am so so sorry, that this blog post is late! But I have a reason, ( well three)
 1. Yesterday I had to write  a mystery for something and I had to do that in the morning.
2. Yesterday I had to also write my Bio for musical.
3. I have to write a tall tale
See! I have been very busy, so I am just explaining I did not forget about you.
I think next week  will be better, also on Sauterday Esther and I will be kid-sitting, four (I think) young kids
all day and all night and then we will be back on Sunday evening!
BYE! Abby .k.

Do You Care About Candy?

Yesterday when mom was walking Eva very late at night, Eva got scratched by a cat! When mom came inside she called, " Esther I want you to look at Eva."
My heart stopped. I was in bed but I zoomed out of bed and downstairs.
"I am not sure if a cat scratched her or missed her," mom said.
After 5 minutes, Esther said, " Did she yelp"?
" no. "
She has way to much hair so if the cat scratched her, she  would have just scratched Eva's fur. 

What is your favorite candy? We are not talking about chocolate YET. This is candy.
I like a LOT of candies but my favorite candy is anything sour. I remember once I tried this gumball that said it was really sour. And IT WAS so so so sour like crazy.
Do you care what ingrediends are in your favorite candies? Do you care that most candys are just this:
Sugar, corn suryp, dye, dye, bla bla. Well do YOU? Once I found a candy that did not have the ingrediants!
IT jus said MAY comtain bla bla bla. I put the candy in water. NOthing happened? I tried the candy.
It tasted like plastic with sugar on top. The candy was called " Mini Gummy Worms". Well I'm starting to think this candy was made from worms!
BYE! Abby .k.

Monday, July 16, 2012


* Gets out of bed* Ouch, my back hurts, I slept weird. Oh well. On the weekend I did a craft, a really BIG craft. I even filmed what it looks like BUT first I want to tell you what this craft is.
A while ago I made a Littlest Pet Shop house for my Littlest Pet Shops ( for short they are called LPS)
(I'm going to take a long story and make it short). This year I looked at my LPS house. It looked  REALLY awful. So I made a new house.

                                        This is before, also most of its stuff was taken out.
                                               After. I think it looks KINDA better? Maybe?
                                                                            Me+cute= sleepy
                                                          do I look like my dad?
                                                          Here is the video I filmed.

                                            Yes, I know it is blurry, but blame the camera  for that! If you want
                                            A how to video on anything, you can comment, phone, E-mail. ?
                                             I hope you enjoy. BYE! Abby .k.

Ice Cream

Eye sCREAM U sCREAM we all sCREAM for Eye Cream! ( I put the eye like that, I know it is was I)
Yesterday, I looked in the fridge and saw milk that was due today (we had bought it on Monday). So I made ice cream, three times.
1. In a bag and you shake it until it is ice cream.
2.Freeze the milk and add vanilla, brown sugar or stevia into it.
3. Use an Ice cream maker.
 Don't worry, I only ate a bowl full,
and the rest is for dad or when ever I want homemade ice cream. Dad likes ice cream a lot.  A LOT. My
favorite ice cream is, well I don't really have a ONE FAVORITE, so I have a couple that will ALWAYS stay on top.
Here they are, in a random order.:
Mint ( the mint that has chocolate chips), 
( the strawberry you can find in Neapolitan),
Reese cups ( the ice cream that has mini Reese cups,
Cookie dough,
Any type of ice cream that has added chocolate bar brands or candys ( like gummy-bear ice cream). I do like a lot of ice cream, but that has to be the top. WAIT I FORGOT CHOCOLATE?!!!
Nope, I don't really like chocolate ice cream, BUT I will eat it if someone forces me to eat it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

No Blog Posts

Wuff Wuff! So sorry that I have been late on the blog posts, but Esther hasto read them before I publish them. And because Esther was working yesterday, nothing happened.
I wannted Abby to take a photo of me but she said I move to much.
Abby knows how to make stickers! She said it was REALLY simple, but my paws are to " Delicate"
To hold tape.
Licks and Wags,  EVA

What To blog Post?

What should I blog post about? You all know I am cute, OH I KNOW!
A few days ago, someone in the family ( I can't remember who) let me outside in my- um- I mean our back yard. I was having a great time, sniffing around. After a while I was getting hot. I looked at the door.
IT WAS CLOSED! How was I going to get inside? I didn't know if my mommy was home or not.! I hurried to the door and started barking and barking. I did not stop. Mommy opened the door. Then I ran to my water, lapped some up, and Abby came, all mad that someone left me outside.
This happened a couple of times, EVEN AT NIGHT! When Janice was watering the plants, ( at night)
I did not know where she went. The door was closed again! I was getting tired of this but I barked and barked, until mommy opened the door.  Abby was in bed by now, and I heard her scream and run down stairs to see if I was okay! I have been left out a lot of times but (Janice is the one leaving me outside)
I just pray that someone will let me in. You should always pray when you need help.
Licks and Wags, Eva

Poppys Are Red, Eva is Cute.

                                               Poppies are red,     The Water is sometimes BLUE
                                            Eva is cute,
                                               ( Remember click on a photo to see it up close)
                                                     Dad is a clown.
                          WOW! I don't think I have EVER done a blog post like that!  Two days ago
                   Dad, two of my friends, and I, went strawberry picking. We had a great time.
                  On Sunday, we went to our friends house that is out of the city.
                  Today, I did a craft ( well I started it Yesterday) Can you guess this craft?
                                         Yes, it has something to do with painting,
                                           but not all of it. I want to show you it when it is all done.
                                            It took a LOT of work, but I know I love it.

                                          This is a Hello Kitty box.
                                           Click on a photo to see it up close.

                                           Does it look good?
      Abby .k.

Monday, July 9, 2012

I forgot!

I forgot to blog, because I was busy being cute, so here is a link to a blog post. just click on it.
Licks And Wags, Eva

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Did My Nails.

Yesterday, I had a sudden urge to do my nails. Now before I start blogging, here is something you need to know:  the first time I did my nails this year was in February, because I did something for Valentine's Day.
The nail polish faded after a week or so. Then I did not do my nails until May. Now it is July. Every three months I do my nails? I want to break that and do my nails more often.
Here is the link to the blog post from May with my nails.  Now, I think I did a KINDA better job than  last time BUT to make the pink ( becuase I could not find my pink) I had a red nail polish that dries REALLY fast, in 39 seconds. And I have a normal white. When I mixed the colours on a paper to put on my nails, I only would get one nail done, then it would dry and I would have to keep doing that. Then I came up with the idea of putting nail nolish and mixing it with the red and white.
Here are my nails :
I had a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of trouble with the dang stu- never mind camera! It tool so so so long just to get two photos. * sigh* This always happens.

                                         Remember click on a photo to see it up close.

                                     * Can I pwease wake up mommy ( Esther) Pretty Pwease?*
                                                      Click on the photo to see it up close!

                                          This is kinda like an island that we went to get sand from.

                                     Here are some photos of when we went to the beach ( Eva could not come)\
BYE! Abby .k.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Cupcake trade

Yesterday at musical, I brought Cupcakes. Unhealthy with yucky sugar and butter. I am such a bad friend!
( well not really because my friend wanted me to bake cupcakes to proove I am not a healthy freak) So I brought the cupcakes, gave two of the cupcakes to two of my friends. Then my other friends came from buying chips.
 I don't remember which friend started it but one of them said, " I will give you a handful of chips for a cupcake". OKAY! Then the cupcake trade started! I would trade a cupcake for a handfull of chips ( the handfull was as big as the cupcake) and I shared the chips with my friends whom I had given the cupcakes to first. It was fun. At the end of musical I had two un iced cupcakes.
I saw someone from musical last year who was just dropping by, " Cory would you like a cupcake?" I said.
 "You made it ? Okay! "Cory said. Cory and Esther talked when I looked for the other lucky person who would get the last cupcake. THE LAST CUPCAKE. I went to a group of people talking and I said " Who wants the last cupcake?"
About five poeple put their hand up. The lucky person was Crysilyn ( a girl). Then I went home and ate watermelon.
ABby .k.

Happy Canada Day!

I know, this is two days late. But I have a reason ( two) Eva is cute. ( one) I was busy ( NOT).
What did you do for Canada day? We went to church, ( have a told you that dad is my servant on Sunday? I force him to carry my bag of stuff to do, and in return I walk with him) After church we went home and had a light lunch, packed up, and went to Hawaii ( that's why I have not been blogging!) At Hawaii we had this really cool- OkAY OKAY!!! We did not go to Hawaii we went to Alaska!
No, we went to the beach ( we did not go to Alaska). The beach was a 1 and a half hours from the city, and there was a LOT of people but we found a sand dune and camped there. Dad and I also went swimming, to the farthest we could.
The day went by. We came home, fed Eva. ( She did not come with us). Then at night,  dad and I went
to the forks on the bridge to watch the fireworks! We met our friends there, watched the fireworks. And Dad and I went home and ESTHER WAS ALREADY IN BED AND SLEEPING! That's how late it was!
How did I like the fireworks? It just felt like the New Year's  fire works, but just on the bridge with friends ( two)
so really, I would  rather just stay home and kiss Eva.
Abby .k.