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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Lucky Five

Pawbucks has something new, The Five Paw Prints. Five Lucky animals will get a golden paw,and with this golden paw you can : Get as much free Pawbucks food as you want, if you phone Pawbucks you can ask for them to make you what ever you want and more!!! One golden paw was gived out last Sunday.
Let me show you what the paws look like.

ALSO! On Sunday Esther and I went to the teddy bear picnic! If you did not go, you should go next year.
I brought my chocolate brown  Build-A-Bear named Kim ( there's one thing I REALLY like about Build-A-bears, you make them yourself at their workshop) So at the picnic my bear got to go to the the dentist and
she got a toothbrush ( Kim gave me the tooth brush for me to use) and Kim had to have an operation because she had an extra tooth that had to be pulled. She went to the eye doctor and even though she has good eyes she got some glasses. We went to the Mcdonalds stand and got a happy meal toy ( that I liked)
and Kim got wrapped up in a Mcdonald bear blanket!
We did many other things, but the two fun things were  me getting to be with my sister and going to the  Dr. Goodbear clinic. Kim got checked up an I found out she is allergic to fish and eggs! SO she got two bands saying that she is allergic.
She also had to have an epipen ( that I got to do on her) to save her because she eats fish a lot ( bears hunt for fish you know in the wild) Another good  thing about the teddybear picnic is that it is FREEAll the stops you go to with your bear are free.
Here is a photo of Eva all wet.
BYE! Abby .k. xox

                                                click on a photo to see it up close.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Pawbucks cereal is OUT!

Before I start first I need to post a photo of a craft my friend did so that she knows it is dry,
Now to the blog post.
                                             Pawbucks has added something new to the menu, Cereal!
This cereal is very healthy and vegan, but you can always ask for a non vegan cereal any time.
I am verry excited to show you what the first  cereal box of Pawbucks looks like....... ( I made it myself)

                                        Thanks to Google ©, I got the maze and the nutritional facts from Google.
                                        NOW for the fun part, if you want to you get to create your own cereal box!!!!
                                      It does NOT have to be Pawbucks, you can make up your own logo or use one   that already exists. Here's how to do it, copy this pattern to Paint ( or whatever drawing sistym you have on your computer) and you can create! ( with Paint you can click theese letters so then you can write on your cereal box) Also I found the pattern on Google on a website so I will give you the link to the website and the pattern,  also you might want to make the pattern a little smaller. Here is the link to the pattern.
Also here is a small video showing you kinda how to copy and paste the cereal box.
I hope you enjoy!
Also  here's a sneak peak on what I have been doing........
Abby .k. xox

█║▌│ █│║▌ ║││█║▌ │║║█

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Free Slurpee

Today if you went to 711 ( Seven Eleven) at 11:00 AM till 7:00 PM, the first 1000 people would get a free slurpee!!! (7.11oz = 210ml) The flavor I got was mountain dew white, here's what it looks like but I'm sorry I can't show you the slurpee colour because I ate it all on the was home!!!

Eva's cute right?
BYE! Abby .k. xox

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dollar Tree In CANADA!

Yesterday afternoon, Esther  and I went shopping. The first stop was Value Village. So we took the bus.
WAIT! Why where we at Value Village? To find a belt for me, it did not take long mabye about ten minutes.
Then we walked to Michaels because I wanted  to see a price on something.
While walking to Michaels we saw in the  Blue Bomers stadiom parking lot a fair! BUT we did not go into it.
 ( we had other things to do)
And we saw Staples and right beside it WE SAW THE DOLLAR TREE!!! ( The Dollar Tree is in the U.S.A) SO after going to Michaels we walked to the Dollar Tree.
 Right now I don't have a lot of money in my wallet and I have made a rule with myself. Only spend the money that's in your wallet.
 Back to the story. I said to myself, " I can only buy two things".
Esther went to buy what ever she wanted.
The thing about the Dollar Tree is that almost everything is $1:25!! So I bought this mosaic kit that is a stick on and a pack of gum. ( the gum was $0. 75) I think. The flavor I bought was FIRE. After I bought it and was out of the store I tried it. The gum tasted like cinnimon! Oh well, mabye I should just chew wasabi. We walked to Toy'sRus and there was a sale on all Littlest Pet Shops! But I knew I needed to keep my money in my wallet so I did not buy any. Then we walked to Wallmart and got some food for Mom. Then Dad came and drove us home.
See you Tomorrow! BYE!
Abby .k. XOX <3

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Are My Nails OKAY?

Yesterday I was typing with nailpolosh that was drying, and now I am typing with NAIL POLISH ON!!!!
I usually NEVER put nail polish on my nails, the last time I did  was in February. I better show you what my nails look like now.
This style  is simple and easy yet looks very fun, also I mesed up a LOT and it looks awful because I have not done nails in like  four months!. For the base coat I used "Wetnwild" the type " Wild shine" the colour
Caribbean frost. Don't you just LOVE that name? ( well I do). For the stripes ( the white) I used the brand
"SallyHansen", " Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear" the colour 4830-02 White On. For the top coat that makes it shiny I used a brand that the name is all rubbed out of.

Do you like? Yes they are TERRIBLE and AWFUL. But I like not being perfect,
 There is a difference  between doing a good neat job and being perfect~ Abby .k. and many others.
If you hurry your  life not caring about what's around you, you'll never see the world's beauty,
but if you slow down and look around you, you'll find things you could never have dreamed of~ Abby .k..
Well see you tomorrow, BYE! Abby .k. xox <3

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

There's A Wasp In My Mailbox!

Before I start I am typing with nailpolish thats drying on my nails. So that makes it harder for me.
Every day I ALWAYS check the mail box,
for FUN! So today I went down the steps  to the mail box, opened it up, looked and we had mail!  In the mail was a flyer for a pizza place, then I saw something
black and yellow on the left side of the mailbox and I looked carfully, it was a WASP! AHHHHHHHHHH!
So I hurried and closed the mail box and while screaming WASP AHHHHHHH I ran inside
 The funny thing is that there was a lady walking on the other side of the street so she just looked at me like I was NORMAL not weird! and kept on walking like it was NORMAL that a girl would find a wasp in her mail box.
Now WHY am I so scared of wasps? Because when I was I think 8 years old I got  stong by one,
I did not cry. So each time I see a wasp near me I try to act like I don't exist. Back to the story,

Inside I told Esther, " THERE"S A WASP IN THE MAIL BOX"! She ignored me, so I told Eva THERE'S A WASP IN THE MAIL BOX! She just sneezed ^_^. I HAD to get the mail, that is MY job,
I have cheked the mail in rain, in snow, in the hot weather, and now with a wasp.

So I went back outside and sneaked to the mail box, and I carfully OPENED the mailbox, then hurried and ducked down. Nothing happended. So I carfully sneaked back up and looked in the mailbox, THEN I HEARD A BUZZING SOUND AND I HURRIED DUCKING DOWN AND CRAWLED TO THE DOOR TO SAFETY. And I went back out sneaked to the mailbox ( which was now open)
and I looked in it, no wasp. So I took the mail, brought it inside, and went to my room to tell you the story.
BYE! Abby .k. xox <3

Saturday, May 12, 2012


I have to do a blog post! Eva is way too busy being cute, HOW AM I GOING TO DO THIS?!
I can't find my camera! AHHHHHHHHH! I can't give up now.......
Today I went to Michaels and there was a sale, if you buy 3 Fimo-clay packs it will be only $5.
( With tax it cost me $5.58) Dad cleaned the van, Mom got a hair cut. " GOES AND LOOKS FOR THE CAMERA".

I found the camera! So does Eva look cute? No she does not, she looks ADORABLE!!
I <3  ( thats a heart) I <3   Eva so much. I love her with all my heart. That reminds me, we should love Jesus with all our heart, and call him for help. We should pray every day.
Tomorrow will be better I  PROMISE! 
See you. Abby .k. xox

Friday, May 11, 2012

When life gives you lemons make.........

Watch the video first.
I have been making something... And it is a LEMONADE STAND!!!! ( YAY) I will have a video of me showing you it and I have taken some photos, first the photots.

Just click on a photo to look at it closer. I made everything except the lemonade stand, ( that was from a Winnie-the-Pooh lemonade stand and I had lost everthing that it came whitt except the stand itself) Yesterday Eva went to the vet, I did not go but mom and Esther and EVA went. The vet says Eva is healthy ( so that's good) and Eva also got a booboo. A shot. I took a pichure of her before Esther took it off.  Eva is going to make it from here. Abby .k. xoxoxo

Click on the pichure to look at it closer.  Yes it does look like I am in pain but I am not, I just have so much hair it looks like that.  Abby and I were VERRY VERRRY hot yesterday.
see you tomorrow, licks and wags EVA wuff wuff.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Hello am I cute? Wuff wuff lick lick. I love the summer it's so sunny and I can roll around.
WAIT WHAT!? You still don't think I'm cute!?

NOW am I cute? Pwease say yes. Today in the morning Esther opened her door and let me wake her up early! (YAY) But she got up faster because Mom,Esther and Abby are going to do the march for life,
I don't really know what it is. Janice can you please tell me? she will write some more ( hopefully)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The littlest pet shop version of Gandalf

Today I will type will diffrent COLOU RS, to make it fun. For the past week I have been making a, LITTLEST PET SHOP Gandalf.And yesterday I finished him! He does not look like the Gandalf in Lord Of  The Rings movies,he looks more like. um I don't really know. But here is the LITTLEST PET SHOP version of Gandalf The Grey/Great. But I am warning you he does not look like Gandalf so I know you will be disappointed. One more thing, his beard kept falling off so he does not have one.

He looks nothing like Gandalf!! Oh well, at least I tried. Here is what Gandalf looks like in the movie.

Now no more colour right now. Last night when me and DOD ( Dear Old Dad) where having a snack at 9:20 PM ( it was a late night)  Eva came downstairs and looked at the door. Mom was opening the gate to drive the car into our backyard. DOD and I hurried and turned off all the lights then went to the basement.
Mom knoked at the back door. So I ran to the door and opened it then I ran back to the basement. Mom didn't see me. Esther came in all hyper. We waited 30 minutes. In that time Eva looked at the basement door. ( she knew we where there) and once she sniffed the door. so after the 30 minutes Mom looked around the house looking for us, she knew we where hiding. So then they opend the door AND FOUND US!

That's the funny story for today. Here is a photo I took outside
Then I tried to take one of myself.
BYE! Abby .k. xox

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cookie Dough That's Safe to Eat

This is the second time Abby has made cookie dough that you can eat, it has no eggs. And becuase she likes it so much I think I should share it with you all! Here's the link to the website that I found it on, I first looked on Google for well cookie dough that's safe to eat. Then I showed it to Abby.
But you might not want to go to another website right now so I'm going to type it on this blog so then only if you want to you can go to the link.

  • 2 C all-purpose flour

  • 1/2 t salt
  • 3/4 C unsalted butter, melted
  • 1 C packed brown sugar
  • 1/2 C white sugar
  • 1 T vanilla extract
  • 4 T milk
  •  And whatever type of chocolate chips.
    Then mix it all in  bowl and YOU"RE DONE!
     Wait what have I been doing lately? Barking at C.A.T.s, being cute, and today Abby took me outside to the backyard, I went all hyper for her. Then Abby said I could go upstaires and wakeup Esther. WOW. Esther has not posted in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time, I think you have all know by now that Abby and I took over, or you would not have gotten a post in a year. Now back to what I was saying, I went upstiares to wakeup Esther and I was ALL WET! So I made my mommy all wet and her bed wet. ( hehehehe) Licks and wags EVA

    Monday, May 7, 2012

    DEAD MICE AHEAD! again? And more

    So today mom told me.... we had caught two mice, not in the same trap but in the same room.
    One of them was behind the garbage can, and the other behind the oven. We are still using the traps that snap. I'm have not taken any pictures becuase, 1. I think you all have had enough of seeing dead animals,
    2. one of the mice, ( the one under the oven) I am not aloud to see becuase mom said that mouse has been there for a while and it is very gross or something like that. So I am really saving you all from seeing a mouse from an R rated horror movie. Also this week I want to do a challenge that challenge is this : to do a post every day untill Sunday, about something interesting, do you think I can do it? Eva will help me.
    Abby .k. xox

    Wednesday, May 2, 2012


    If you don't like seeing dead animals then I don't think you should read this.
    A couple of days ago Dad got the type of mice traps that snap, we set them up and this morning at 6:38 AM
    ( right when I was deaming about some one pressing a button that would take you to space).... SNAP!
    I woke up, heard the dog scratch in her kennel, and I heard someone going down stairs.
    Wait I hear no scream and go back to sleep.
    In the morning  when I was SUPPOSED to wake up! ( 7:30 AM) I asked mom if she had gone down stairs yet, she said no. ( so I guess the person who went down stairs was a tooth fairy)
    We went down and  I started eating a piece of toast with peanut butter. Mom checked almost every trap except the one under the oven. We thought we know that it was under there, so I told mom to cover her mouth and NOT to scream.
     In the trap was two mice! TWO! so mom phoned dad ( who came at 11:11 AM to take the trap out)
    Here is what the trap looks like. WARNING IF YOU DON"T LIKE TO SEE DEAD ANIMALS THEN

    Abby .k. P.S when we took the mice out Eva was verry curious but we did not let her smell any part of the trap. Eva was not harmed and she has not been because we put the traps where she can't go, so don't worry about her.