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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A horse, A Painting, And a Music box

                                          I made a mini paint easel! Gloria LOVES it!
                                         " Painting is a type of style,of which you can learn from"
                                          ~ Gloria Winters
                                          I also made, something that all of the cool littlest pet shops can use:
                                              ....Its a...
   Boom box! All the cool animals can show there moves, and grove!!!I also made this: I know it doesn't really look like a horse, but I had to use broken glass, and just work with each piece.
                                          ~ Abby ca.K.e

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Try something new a day, Episode 12?

Today, I am going to try Essi's breakfast cookie. Yes, this cookie you can eat for breakfast, and it's REALLY healthy! Think of that, " Home schooler eats cookie for breakfast , but it's healthy!" .
They don't taste like the unhealthy cookies dad makes for his work, these TASTE healthy. But, even though I tasted some banana in the cookie, it was fine! Now, for the rating, one being yucky, ten being amazing::::::::;I give it a:::::::::::::::::::::::::: TEN!!!
I can eat cookies for breakfast!!! Here is a photo:

I know, they don't look very appetizing, but trust me, they are  THE BEST COOKIE EVER!
Also, this is a soft type of cookie, not crunchy, and I LOVE crunchy food, but I LOVED THIS!
~ Abby ca.K.e

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Hockey party!

For some reason, I try to call the weekend a party. NO, I don't go and drink pop on the weekends ( I don't even like pop!). Here are some examples of posts to do with the weekend:

Weekend, Watched Movies.

( not really a party)

Weekend * Yawns* Winter photos.

OK, I guess I though most of the weekend ones I called a party.
Ok, This one is a party one!
See, another party!
Ok, I guess I THOUGHT I did more " Weekend partys". OH well.
Saturday was REALLY busy! OH MY!!!
On Sunday, I thought it was going to be a nice peaceful day, but then, I got a phone call from some friends, asking if I wanted to play hockey with them. First of all, this would be the second time I have skated this winter, ( and I'm not that good!). Second of all, I said I would never play hockey because it is very deadly.
Third of all, I haven't played hockey in years. But I said yes. :) 
I hope you make every weekend a happy time~
Abby ca.K.e

No Friday post.

Last Friday, I did a post, but didn't have time to publish it. SO today, I clicked publish, and accidently deleted it!!!
                                              I am so sad about this! WOOF, WOOOOF, BARK, CRY!
                                            Abby will do a post today don't worry.
                                            Your sad pooch, Eva.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Video and CUTENESS!

                                             Here are your boring videos. Now, for some cuteness!
                                             Oh yeah! Sittin' on my mommy like a pug!! ( A pug is a type of dog)
                                                         Can I lick the camera? Never mind, I want to lick you!
                                           Abby: Eva, look over here!
                                           Me: What? Do you have a treat or something?
                                           Abby:  * Takes photo*. HAHAHAHa!
                                           Me: REALLY?!
                                                  Licks and Wags, Eva.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday is crafty!

                                            Here is a video for crafty Wednesday! I hope you enjoy!
~ Abby ca.K.e

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Abby lets me Lick.

I have an addiction. I can't stop licking. I'll lick an arm, then a blanket, then myself. Esther is trying to make me stop. I am trying, but sometimes I really want to lick something! So, Abby sometimes lets me do " The Five Licks". That means I can lick her five times!
                                                  I wonder if this dog has a licking problem????
                                                 I don't like this dog, Abby looks at her too much. I'm going to go lick Abby to make this dog Jealous. Wait, making other dogs jealous is wrong. I know Abby loves me.
Try not to get jealous at dogs/fish at parks!  Licks and Wags, Eva.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend, Watched Movies.

On the weekend we watched an old movie. It was called " Carefree". It sounds bad, but it was REALLY REALLY FUNNY! The two actors who were the stars are Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Also,
                                       For Christmas my one  of my  best friends  gave me this cute calender!
                                       CUTENESS! I just had to show you!
                                            A couple of weeks ago, when I went to the blog, there was a glitch.
                                       This smiley face was looking at me!.
                                      ~ Abby ca.K.e

Friday, January 18, 2013

I got a Slipper!

A long time ago, I used to chew on slippers, but then I had to stop. But I dreamed  of chewing on slippers again, I don't know if I'm still dreaming or not....
                                                  It tastes so good!
                                              YUM YUM YUM!! I better stop eating this slipper, even though Esther said I could have it. I want to be a GOOD girl.
 Licks and Wags, Eva.


I did make a video, but I think you can wait till next week.
Two days ago I made buns! I made one of them look like Mickey mouse, and the other like Hello Kitty.
We have eaten the Hello Kitty one, but I'm going to save the Mickey Mouse for dad's friend who's finger got hurt.
Here are photos!
                                                    Mickey Mouse.
                                            Hello Kitty. She didn't turn out. But she tasted great!
                                               Here they are together!
                                         ~ Abby ca.K.e

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to make Star-wars Valentines

I know this is early, but eh. I hope the photos help you. I don't know a lot about Star wars, I'm more of a Lord of the rings crazy fan. So then why did you make them? I made them because I know  four boys who are obsessed with Star wars.
If you know anyone who is obsessed with Star wars, this might be something great to give them.
  What you'll need:
*Black white, and Yellow paper.
* Scissors
* A pencil
*  Any colour marker,crayon or pencil crayon
* School glue
* A picture on someone from Starwars, or draw someone from Starwars.

                                    Lets get started!
                                                  Make a straight line on a side of black paper.
                                             Then cute it out.
                                               Here is the long strip.
                                                  I made it about 20cm  long. ( you can make it longer)
                                                Fold your paper in half.
                                        Put glue on the outside of the fold.
                              Shake glitter on top of the glue. ( I advise you do this on some paper to catch the glitter)
                                 Then let it dry. ( If you don't have glitter, you can draw on stars or something like that)
                                                After the glue is dry, put tape ontop of the glitter.
                                     ( you don't have to do this, I just didn't want the glitter to shed everywhere)
                                             Next on the yellow paper, write your valentine words.
       Here are some ideas for the Valentine: " Yoda cousin for me" ( You can choose what to put instead of " Cousin".) " Wookiee be my Valentine?"," Luke I am your Valentine"," Obi- my Valentine," You R2 fun, Happy Valentines day"," With you I'll never have to be Han Solo". You can come up with others if you want.
I used squiggly scissors for cutting the words  out, you don't have to.

                                             Put glue on a work, then glue it to the inside of the card.
                                           Like this.
                                               Make sure the words are in order!

                                                       Then draw a character to go with the saying.
                                              I used this websites "how to draw" tutorials:
                                ~ Abby ca.K.e

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Try Something New A Day, Episode 10.

I haven't done one of these episodes since last year! And, on the poll I have, my mom I mean someone voted for another Try something new a day. SO, I risked myself, and asked Esther if she had anything I could try. She gave me something from the freezer.
                                           Interesting. Smells, Interesting. Taste. I took a small bite. It was OK, I thought I tasted some peanut butter or banana, and maybe  a trace of chick pea,  but on a 1 through 10 scale ( 1 being gross 10 being delicious) It was a 6.( But I didn't finish this bar, and I didn't even get halfway, sorry Esther!)
Tomorrow will be a crafty Wednesday! ~ Abby ca.K.e

Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting back to blogging..

Last week I was sick, and Eva was busy.  But, somehow blog posts got done, even Justin PawPaw helped!
This week I hope everything won't be as crazy. Tomorrow might be a Try Something New A Day, on Wednesday there will be a craft, Thursday might have videos, might not. ( If not Eva will take that day)
And Friday is Eva's turn. I hope you know we don't do blog posts on Saturday or Sunday.
I have to go clean the house, ~ Abby ca.K.e
P.S. I am almost better from this cold!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Today, There WILL be videos!

This is Justin, Justin PawPaw, I'll help you solve you're case. ( I think I've been watching to many Ex-Di episodes lately!). Abby is sick, and Eva is busy, so, I filmed two vlogs last night at the mall, and found a video on Abby's camera that she wanted to upload for a contest. SO, I want to make myself look like a hero, so here are THREE VIDEOS!
                                              Me and Joshua went to this mall, that had a playhouse....
I do not know how to explain this vlog ;)

A video Abby did for a contest she's entering. 
I have to go cook something, ~ Justin PawPaw

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sick House.

Esther was sick for awhile, but  she's getting better. Now Abby is sick. ( she was sick yesterday).
Abby told me this, "Everyone is getting sick Eva, but remember, i'ts not the flu".
There will be no " Thursday Video Day" today. Abby put a poll up! Its on the top on the blog, you can choose what you want to see next! ( Not in videos, what blog post you want to see). I think she would love it if you did a vote on the poll!
I have to go bark at a C-A-T-, so
Licks and Wags, Eva.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

" Different Crafty Wednesday"

I've been a little TOO busy lately.
So that's why today will be a " Different Crafty Wednesday".
                                            Here is a craft I did at a party.
                                               Yes, you can tell we like LOVE glitter!
                                            I looked at my old Valentines to give away, but all the sappy ones are left.
                                  LIKE: You're berry  cute! Have a super stylin Valentines-day! Sweets for my Sweet.
                                    See? I do NOT want to be giving these out to my friends and my Cousin's!
                                       So, I'm going to use some of these old cards, and change them.

                                            For the boys I know, they get homemade Star Wars Valentines!
                                            Soon I will show you how to make them. ~ Abby ca.K.e

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cute, Cute, bad dog.

                                I am SO SO CUTE!
                                             But, two days ago, I was a bad dog. ( Or Abby called me one, but now she still loves me). I saw a squirrel  out of Abby's playroom window, and I HAD to bark at it. SO, I ran into the room, and jumped on this ledge. And, I BARKED! I scared the squirrel oh yeah! But, when I was barking, Abby came in, and pulled me off the ledge, and called me a bad dog. ( In a loud voice). Then, she told me " See what you did?" ( I saw some mini stuff on this ledge, so I nodded) " You ruined my miniatures that I made!" ( She also said that very loudly) " GET OUT BAD DOG!". I was so sad. I didn't known I had done something bad, I had my tail down, and I went into my kennel. " You better be sorry!". She said while I was going into my kennel. The whole family had watched this, even Abby's toys! I was in my kennel, sad, but I didn't cry. After a while I went downstairs, and laid down near the vent. Abby came down. I was scared she was going to do more scolding. But, instead,she sat beside me, and pet me! Saying she was sorry for yelling, but that I did do something wrong. Now everything is back to normal. I'm back to being a " GOOD GIRL!". And Abby has forgiven me.

                                                 I have to go to sleep, Licks and Wags, Eva.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Cleopatra/Alice Style!

                                                     Do you remember us? 
                                  Here is my blog post about me:
                               Here are my posts:
                               I'm Alice, and I'm Cleopatra.
                               Me and Alice will share this post, I'll do half, and she'll do half.
                                   She's going to start. * Note from the editor, Cleo should have said " Alice and I will share this post"  but because Cleopatra  is from Egypt, she doesn't know how to spell correctly*
                                        What have I been doing lately? I'm now in a Army of professonal knights, 
                              That is a really hard core training, you're a knight 24/9 all the time!
                       But I've also done some planting, at " The Castle" we don't have snow.
                      I have to go now!  Alice Buttercup.
                      Now it's my turn!! I am also at " The Castle" ( I am very sorry, I can't tell you the real name of the castle.) Sadly, I'm not a knight like Alice, but I am one of the Queens that live there, and I inspect the professonal knights with Commander B. ( Commander B is from my time, but went forward in time with me)
 We have been busy with new troops, but right now I am in the garden that Justin PawPaw ( you should know him!) Uses for his spices in his cooking.
I have to go, Chow- I mean BYE! CleoPatra



Sadly, no photos today. But next week there will be a WHOLE bunch of fun stuff.
I'm also brianstorming some craft ideas. Like this : I want to make Littlest Pet Shop Armor, I need to finish the top floor on my Dollhouse. ( Right now its sadly a playroom, it has a play-structure, and hats all!)
Eva is busy being cute, and I want to get crafts done. So next week, I might have Alice and Cleopatra 
Do a guest post! I will stuff have crafty Wednesday, don't worry.
                                          Remember this guy? Sadly, he's DEAD! He melted.
                                                Along time ago! WAAA!
                                                This is a LONG time ago, last year!
                                            Yesterday Eva threw up. She hasn't thrown up since, but please pray for Eva  to be OK. ~ Abby ca.K.e ( Yes I think I'll bring back the whole ca.K.e thing!)      

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Video,and next week.

Next week the blog post's SHOULD be back to normal.
I've just been busy being cute.
                                              Another boring Justin vlogs!
                                          Abby has an Etsy! ( whatever THAT is!)
                                           But I found the links for this " Etsy".
                                            PLease check out my Etsy!
You can go to her shop here.
In this link are the earrings. I might buy them, they might be great chew toys, IF they taste like cupcakes.
Licks and Wags, Eva.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Photos! ( Just Eva photos)

                                                Abby has been brushing my teeth! NOO!
                              This is what I look like when I just want to LICK the tooth paste.
                                       Esther's Grandma gave her this necklace, but I think it looks good on me!
                                              OH YEAH!
                                             I LOVE to sleep.
                                                    Abby put the flash on, I didn't like it.
                                                             Licks and Wags, Eva.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you all have a wonderfull new 2013! ( AHH! It sounds so new)
                                              Justin has another cooking show episode!
                                                Today he makes cookies!
                                    ~  Abby ca.K.e