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Monday, June 10, 2013

Littlest Pet Shop party on the weekend!

On Saturday, in the morning I went to a friend's house, afternoon was a break, then I went to Esther's voice recital, here are some photos of that...
                                                      Esther doing a pose I told her to do.
                                                         Esther singing...
                                                          She did wonderful and never messed up.
                                                       Esther's friend took these last photos...
                                                       I wasn't there BECAUSE, I was at a BBQ for a program that we might do next school year. Sorry, this is only for homeschoolers. We had a blast, playing games and walking around, when we got home Esther and I went for a run. On Sunday, we went to church, then I went to another friend's house. Her mom let us buy some sweets at Seven 11. I got five small pieces of gummy candy, a SMALL chocolate bar, then we shared a bag of chips. But something wonderful happened, my friend is getting rid of some of her Littlest Pet Shops, and she let me chose a whole bunch of them!!!! I'll show you a picture of the a different day, but it was so wonderful! Then I came home, had supper, played some games with the family, then Esther and I went on a another run. ~ Abby ca.K.e


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