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Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Sneaky Trick

I think Halloween is boring, candy doesn't even taste good! They should give out meat, and bacon! Now THAT would be something! I made a deal with Abby, and now she can't have candy for TWO WHOLE YEARS!

 Why, must I be such a bad dog, ? I'm not the bad one, Abby is! She's the one who's going to take over the world, not I. Well, because she can't eat candy, I  won't have to dress up this year. I HATE it when she puts clothes on me. I have fur, isn't that enough? But something in this deal is sneaky. Because, she can't really take over the world. Why? Because you need pixie dust to take over the world. But I didn't tell her that part. I don't even know how she will find pixie dust. Unless she's a fairy, Which I doubt
. So, instead of giving her the " Treat" for Halloween, I gave her the " Trick". But she payed back. By cutting some of my hair, by my ear!  I see a black cat, I must bark at it.
Licks and Wags, Eva

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Scary Land....

There once was a scary land, with scary houses, that creaked. And you would lose things in these houses, but then re- find them the next day.  It would snow, but the snow would melt...But this all only happened all near Halloween. All the rest of the year, ( Besides their horrible Winter!) it was a nice pretty land. This land is... The place I live in!!! Our house creaks, you lose things then re-find them... And the snow, oh the horrible snow, it haunts you... You can't go back to summer, you can't go back to fall, but winter isn't here yet... The horrible weather... Would you like to come to our " Scary Land"???? ~ Abby ca.K.e

No Candy for me this Halloween

What are you doing for Halloween? Going Trick or Treating? If you are, be thankful you can eat candy! Even though I'm not the biggest " candy fan" it still is hard this year, because I can't have any candy this year!
No, I'm not TRYING to complain, you see, Eva made a deal with me. She said she would tell me the secret of taking over the world with dogs if I didn't eat any candy for two years.  Well, I had to find out how to take over the world with dogs! So I said yes. And now I can't eat candy for two years. I can have chocolate, but no candy. But I am secretly planning how to take over the world.....with dogs and Playmobil! ( She also told me how I could use Playmobil with them) so it is worth it... Soon the world will be ruled by dogs and Playmobil... MWAHAHAHA!  ~ Abby ca.K.e ( If you think I'm lying,, ask some of my friends, they'll tell you that I refuse to eat candy......and that is true...)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Try Something New A Day, Cupcake Crackers???!!

\Today I'm trying crackers supposedly  tasting like cupcakes. My computer is glitching and won't allow the video on the post. So click that link and you will see a littlest pet shop trying these crackers. ~ Abby ca.K.e

Corn Maze on the Weekend

On the weekend I went to a corn maze! ( It was with a group) Our team was the last one out of the maze, but we did the maze the proper way and had fun! This maze was done while a full moon was out, and it was dark, which made it have a great feeling. The air was fresh, this was my first Corn maze and I loved it. But, something horrible happened on Sunday. Can you guess? It snowed. The snow melted once it hit the ground, but it was cold and snowed. Fall is over, Winter is coming  very soon. ~ Abby ca.K.e

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween themed posts

I was reading posts that I did from last year, and it seems like I was trying to do Halloween themed posts during October.  Maybe I will do some costume tutorials for fun? Note sure yet but hopefully I will get some Halloween themed posts up soon! ~ Abby ca.K.e

Training Eva...

We've been so busy, that Eva hasn't really been trained for a while... So she has gotten away with EVERYTHING. She can pull on the leash, not come when called.... So I needed to change this. Now we walk her just with her training collar, and she is behaving much better.
 Fall is here. The fall that you wear winter jackets and you already have your mittens out. Or am I the only person doing this? Look, I am a warm blooded animal ( No, I'm not saying I've evolved, I'm just saying  I get cold often.) What type of weather do you have? Is it fall yet? Or do you not get Fall? Or are you like us, where you only get Winter. No Fall. ~ Abby ca.K.e

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Crafty Wednesday- It got style :)

I have this old polly pocket car, very old, it also has a story of how I got it. Remember I was talking about that camp I went to? This car was found in the sand MANY years ago.  Me and one of the little boys, were playing in the sand, and he found this car! His mom said he should give it to me because it was purple. SO I'e had this car for years. Its ugly purple. Nothing matches this purple. So ugly. Its uglyness haunts you, sooo ugly..... And yet Playmobil and Littlest Pet Shops ride in this ugly car.... So horrible..  Such a night-mirror.... So I  knew I must change this car.I saw this car on our street, that is an old yellow color. So, in this craft, I am tying to paint the car the prefect yellow.
                                               See? Soo  ugly.
                                      I first painted it white so the color I put on next shows better.
                                               No, this doesn't have doors....
This is what I have right now. Not the right yellow, and I couldn't find any other yellow. When I have the time I will get the right yellow, but at least it isn't that ugly purple. ~ Abby ca.K.e

Monday, October 7, 2013

Quiz Meet on the weekend

I am in this thing called Bible quizzing. You have to memorize a lot of verses and remember them for the rest of the year. I won't go into much explaining it, you will just have to ask! But on Saturday was the first quiz meet. Quiz meets are when people all across your province come and quiz. It was OK, because Ialso  have gymnastics on Saturdays, I was able to goto both because the quiz meet was local..
 On Sunday I just was lazy all day, and read " And then there were None" by Agatha Christie. I really recommend this book, and it is very interesting. I couldn't stop reading it! This is a murder mystery, but it really isn't that gory or anything like that.  Yhe people in the story all go so a little crazy, so don't read this book when you have all the lights off and alone. (  I did, and in one part of the book I had to get up and turn all the nearest lights on, and I looked behind me for a moment..) In this book the person who was the murderer is very hard to guess. I love the ending, everyone dies, even the murderer. But if you can't stand books that have a murder in every chapter then I don't recommend this. ( Yes, in almost every chapter of the book someone dies!)
 Esther also has started a Bible group so on Sunday night I went to that. ( Thankfully I had finished the book before I went) ~ Abby ca.K.e

Thursday, October 3, 2013

She tried to floss my teeth?

Abby lost my tooth brush! I was so happy. Then she found it ( after a long time) after brushing my teeth, she tried to get some stuff out of my teeth, so she tried to floss my teeth!! I hated it so much. So after she flossed my teeth I ran under the table for the rest of the morning. I didn't pay any attention to her. But then she gave me my heartworn medicine, that tastes soooo goood... Now I love her. If you are a dog you are very lucky your master doesn't floss your teeth.
 Licks and Wags, Eva

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Meet August

Today you will meet my Littlest Pet Shop great dane!
                                            My name is August. I recently moved to LPS City for my friend Si the race horse. I looked on this blog, and was surprised because I couldn't find a post about him. Well, now that I know Abby's password and stuff, I can easily get Si to do a post.  But we aren't talking about my friends, we are talking about me.  I lived in littlest pet shop Paris before I came here. 

 Gender : Male
 Name : August (Last name confidential)
Age : I don't know how the littlest pet shop girls tell their name on here! I am in my twenties. 
City you live in: LPS city
school : I don't go to school anymore, and I'm done college. 
Best friend: Don't really have " Besties"  I have close friends, like Si, my friend Paris ( Yes, her name IS Paris, and   she is from Paris) and my other close friend turtle. ( Turtle is a cat, but her name is Turtle. Strange, isn't it?)
Band that I am in : None, but I play guitar and piano  
sport that I am in : I am in a playmobil army 
favorite movie :  The Playmobil series " Ex-di" I've also been in some of the episodes. If you don't live in Playmobil world you might not know what the " Ex-di is. This Playmobil and Littlest pet shop TV show is about a team ( The Ex-di) who have to solve mysteries.
One thing about me: I love travelling
Favorite food: French pastries.
I might do some vlogs, because Abby told me she needs more of the littlest pet shops to help out with the blog. // August

Fall is here ( And school)

This year has been more busy than last year. Why do you need to know that? Because I'm so busy, it's been harder to blog. Sadly I won't be able to blog almost every day like last year. Maybe two posts each week? I'm still trying to fit blogging into my time.
 Fall is here! It is so beautiful outside, and the breeze, and how the leaves fall. I do love this season. But with every beautiful season, comes school. It's not too too bad, and one of Esther;'s friends = who helped plan my party- is my math tutor! She is very good, and s very helpful. But let's not talk about school, because this isn't a school blog or math blog. ~ Abby ca.K.e