Along Came A Dog... (named Eva)

Keeping up with the Koepnicks!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Yes we have it :) but the only problem is that we can't get the sound to work. Sorry I have not been bloging
love ABBY .k.
I love the snow I have been really busy barking at C.A.T.S wait I see one....
licks and wags ( WOW I have not said that in a while) EVA

Friday, February 3, 2012


Yes Janice has gone crazy!!!! She screams at the floor and stomps on it, them she jumps onto a chair and Abby just shakes her head and kisses me. Also I got to go OUT side!!!! and play in the snow (yay) and with Abby. It was really fun because Abby made a fort and wanted me tto stand on top of it so I did and then she said "AWWWWW Eva you are sooooo cute". I think she has said that 1,002 times.
 Also we  have somethng called MICE Janice hates them and calles then BAD. I am very glad
 she does not call me bad. Janice calles me "CUTE" and I like that  better then BAD . Have a pawesome day.
 love "CUTE" Eva