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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Crafty Wednesday: Heart bitten apple tutorial

                                        This is a tutorial I did on my channel, so I thought I would also share it here! These apples are so fun to make, and I think they look soooo cute! ( Why didn't I say kawaii? Because I use kawaii for other types of cuteness, I chose not to for this one)
Here's something I thought I had to give up because of braces. Eating apples. When I was young I ate an apple EVERYDAY! I said it helped me sleep. But I heard you can't eat apples if you have braces. WHAT?!?! NO!?! But thankfully I CAN still eat apples, I just have to cut my apple into little pieces. Do you like apples? What is your favorite type of apple? Once I had REAL apple juice near my cousins house at a farm thing, and I will never forget that taste. Of amazingness, ( I know that isn't a word) Even though on the apple cartons sometimes they say " 100% real apple juice, No added sugar" it DOESN'T"T TASTE THE SAME!
I know this post was kinda weird, all about apples..........
~ Abby ca.K.e

To Tell You The Truth

Justin has a new episode of Justin's cooking show!  In this episode he makes brownies. Here's something funny; This recipe I used was Esther's cake in a mug recipe. ( Not the recipe I mentioned in the video, but I made a recipe off camera to make enough to fit in the pan) Well, they didn't get baked enough ( Esther said they were fine and not too soft) but I thought they were WAY TO SOFT and uncooked. Also, they tasted sooo gross. They were so dark, I didn't eat a lot of it.....I gave it to mom.......

But now lets get to the main part of this post. Why haven't I been blogging regularly? Well, I'm just going to be honest. I've been making time for other things, and because I'm trying to finish up school, train for a 10K, still craft, doing Gymnastics and starting renovations on the house I've really not thought a lot about blogging.
But I do think of you, and I miss you! I miss blogging, but also I've been trying to commit to other things like stretching every day ( PAINFUL I HATE MIDDLE SPLITS!). I am still here, and you will get some blog posts, but just not as often as you or I would like.
Eva, well, she gets groomed and then doesn't want to do anything after that but sleep.
Maybe I'll blog more, or maybe I won't BUT you'll still get posts once in a while.
~Abby ca.K.e


So, I haven't told you this, but we have grass! It's no-longer a brown dead color, it's  GREEN! I think summer/spring is here, but it's been raining  a lot lately. We're getting April showers in May. But I'm thankful that we have rain not snow, or hail, and that we even get rain. Eva gets her paws dirty when it rains but thankfully mom washes her paws after taking her out so she doesn't get dirt everywhere. I'm happy the snow is no-longer here! Also, Eva rolled in a dead bird. We didn't know what she was rolling in, and she was in our front yard on a leash. Then later on when she was in the backyard, she rolled in the grass. Stinky dog!
~ Abby ca.K.e

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Passover Party on the weekend, and Moms Birthday!!!

Last Thursday is was mom's birthday! Because she was working on our Passover evening, she wanted us to celebrate her birthday this week. We had a evening that we ate food that the Jewish people would eat during the Passover. I don't really want to explain much about what we ate, but it was very fun!!  Esther was also performing in our church's Good Friday service. She did great! We still have some snow, but it's melting. Yesterday while jogging I knew that next time I might wear my shorts because I was so hot. I hope it's getting warm near you.
~ Abby ca.K.e