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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Paska Bread!

For St. Patrick's day I didn't make anything special. Yes, Justin has a special episode on his show, but I didn't make anything really 'green'. But Easter is different, and mom has a plan of cool foods we are going to make! Yesterday I made paska bread with some help from mom. She made the lemon icing on the bread. What is paska bread, and what makes it different from normal bread? paska bread is a sweetish bread with lemon. This is a Mennonite recipe, and a Mennonite Easter tradition. You and make it into buns ( which we did) or a loaf ( which we also did). What makes this special is that it rises like CRAZY!!! This is suppose to help us remember how Jesus rose from the dead. Also you get to eat it with icing.
Here is a picture of the buns :

HMMM, SOO good!
Bread is something that for me sounds hard to make, but it isn't! My only tip for making this bread is to half the baking time, because they would have burned if I would have left them in longer.
~ Abby ca.K.e


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