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Monday, January 7, 2013

Cleopatra/Alice Style!

                                                     Do you remember us? 
                                  Here is my blog post about me:
                               Here are my posts:
                               I'm Alice, and I'm Cleopatra.
                               Me and Alice will share this post, I'll do half, and she'll do half.
                                   She's going to start. * Note from the editor, Cleo should have said " Alice and I will share this post"  but because Cleopatra  is from Egypt, she doesn't know how to spell correctly*
                                        What have I been doing lately? I'm now in a Army of professonal knights, 
                              That is a really hard core training, you're a knight 24/9 all the time!
                       But I've also done some planting, at " The Castle" we don't have snow.
                      I have to go now!  Alice Buttercup.
                      Now it's my turn!! I am also at " The Castle" ( I am very sorry, I can't tell you the real name of the castle.) Sadly, I'm not a knight like Alice, but I am one of the Queens that live there, and I inspect the professonal knights with Commander B. ( Commander B is from my time, but went forward in time with me)
 We have been busy with new troops, but right now I am in the garden that Justin PawPaw ( you should know him!) Uses for his spices in his cooking.
I have to go, Chow- I mean BYE! CleoPatra



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