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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cute, Cute, bad dog.

                                I am SO SO CUTE!
                                             But, two days ago, I was a bad dog. ( Or Abby called me one, but now she still loves me). I saw a squirrel  out of Abby's playroom window, and I HAD to bark at it. SO, I ran into the room, and jumped on this ledge. And, I BARKED! I scared the squirrel oh yeah! But, when I was barking, Abby came in, and pulled me off the ledge, and called me a bad dog. ( In a loud voice). Then, she told me " See what you did?" ( I saw some mini stuff on this ledge, so I nodded) " You ruined my miniatures that I made!" ( She also said that very loudly) " GET OUT BAD DOG!". I was so sad. I didn't known I had done something bad, I had my tail down, and I went into my kennel. " You better be sorry!". She said while I was going into my kennel. The whole family had watched this, even Abby's toys! I was in my kennel, sad, but I didn't cry. After a while I went downstairs, and laid down near the vent. Abby came down. I was scared she was going to do more scolding. But, instead,she sat beside me, and pet me! Saying she was sorry for yelling, but that I did do something wrong. Now everything is back to normal. I'm back to being a " GOOD GIRL!". And Abby has forgiven me.

                                                 I have to go to sleep, Licks and Wags, Eva.


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