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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dollar Tree In CANADA!

Yesterday afternoon, Esther  and I went shopping. The first stop was Value Village. So we took the bus.
WAIT! Why where we at Value Village? To find a belt for me, it did not take long mabye about ten minutes.
Then we walked to Michaels because I wanted  to see a price on something.
While walking to Michaels we saw in the  Blue Bomers stadiom parking lot a fair! BUT we did not go into it.
 ( we had other things to do)
And we saw Staples and right beside it WE SAW THE DOLLAR TREE!!! ( The Dollar Tree is in the U.S.A) SO after going to Michaels we walked to the Dollar Tree.
 Right now I don't have a lot of money in my wallet and I have made a rule with myself. Only spend the money that's in your wallet.
 Back to the story. I said to myself, " I can only buy two things".
Esther went to buy what ever she wanted.
The thing about the Dollar Tree is that almost everything is $1:25!! So I bought this mosaic kit that is a stick on and a pack of gum. ( the gum was $0. 75) I think. The flavor I bought was FIRE. After I bought it and was out of the store I tried it. The gum tasted like cinnimon! Oh well, mabye I should just chew wasabi. We walked to Toy'sRus and there was a sale on all Littlest Pet Shops! But I knew I needed to keep my money in my wallet so I did not buy any. Then we walked to Wallmart and got some food for Mom. Then Dad came and drove us home.
See you Tomorrow! BYE!
Abby .k. XOX <3


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