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Monday, May 7, 2012

DEAD MICE AHEAD! again? And more

So today mom told me.... we had caught two mice, not in the same trap but in the same room.
One of them was behind the garbage can, and the other behind the oven. We are still using the traps that snap. I'm have not taken any pictures becuase, 1. I think you all have had enough of seeing dead animals,
2. one of the mice, ( the one under the oven) I am not aloud to see becuase mom said that mouse has been there for a while and it is very gross or something like that. So I am really saving you all from seeing a mouse from an R rated horror movie. Also this week I want to do a challenge that challenge is this : to do a post every day untill Sunday, about something interesting, do you think I can do it? Eva will help me.
Abby .k. xox


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