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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The littlest pet shop version of Gandalf

Today I will type will diffrent COLOU RS, to make it fun. For the past week I have been making a, LITTLEST PET SHOP Gandalf.And yesterday I finished him! He does not look like the Gandalf in Lord Of  The Rings movies,he looks more like. um I don't really know. But here is the LITTLEST PET SHOP version of Gandalf The Grey/Great. But I am warning you he does not look like Gandalf so I know you will be disappointed. One more thing, his beard kept falling off so he does not have one.

He looks nothing like Gandalf!! Oh well, at least I tried. Here is what Gandalf looks like in the movie.

Now no more colour right now. Last night when me and DOD ( Dear Old Dad) where having a snack at 9:20 PM ( it was a late night)  Eva came downstairs and looked at the door. Mom was opening the gate to drive the car into our backyard. DOD and I hurried and turned off all the lights then went to the basement.
Mom knoked at the back door. So I ran to the door and opened it then I ran back to the basement. Mom didn't see me. Esther came in all hyper. We waited 30 minutes. In that time Eva looked at the basement door. ( she knew we where there) and once she sniffed the door. so after the 30 minutes Mom looked around the house looking for us, she knew we where hiding. So then they opend the door AND FOUND US!

That's the funny story for today. Here is a photo I took outside
Then I tried to take one of myself.
BYE! Abby .k. xox


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