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Friday, May 25, 2012

Pawbucks cereal is OUT!

Before I start first I need to post a photo of a craft my friend did so that she knows it is dry,
Now to the blog post.
                                             Pawbucks has added something new to the menu, Cereal!
This cereal is very healthy and vegan, but you can always ask for a non vegan cereal any time.
I am verry excited to show you what the first  cereal box of Pawbucks looks like....... ( I made it myself)

                                        Thanks to Google ©, I got the maze and the nutritional facts from Google.
                                        NOW for the fun part, if you want to you get to create your own cereal box!!!!
                                      It does NOT have to be Pawbucks, you can make up your own logo or use one   that already exists. Here's how to do it, copy this pattern to Paint ( or whatever drawing sistym you have on your computer) and you can create! ( with Paint you can click theese letters so then you can write on your cereal box) Also I found the pattern on Google on a website so I will give you the link to the website and the pattern,  also you might want to make the pattern a little smaller. Here is the link to the pattern.
Also here is a small video showing you kinda how to copy and paste the cereal box.
I hope you enjoy!
Also  here's a sneak peak on what I have been doing........
Abby .k. xox

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