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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

There's A Wasp In My Mailbox!

Before I start I am typing with nailpolish thats drying on my nails. So that makes it harder for me.
Every day I ALWAYS check the mail box,
for FUN! So today I went down the steps  to the mail box, opened it up, looked and we had mail!  In the mail was a flyer for a pizza place, then I saw something
black and yellow on the left side of the mailbox and I looked carfully, it was a WASP! AHHHHHHHHHH!
So I hurried and closed the mail box and while screaming WASP AHHHHHHH I ran inside
 The funny thing is that there was a lady walking on the other side of the street so she just looked at me like I was NORMAL not weird! and kept on walking like it was NORMAL that a girl would find a wasp in her mail box.
Now WHY am I so scared of wasps? Because when I was I think 8 years old I got  stong by one,
I did not cry. So each time I see a wasp near me I try to act like I don't exist. Back to the story,

Inside I told Esther, " THERE"S A WASP IN THE MAIL BOX"! She ignored me, so I told Eva THERE'S A WASP IN THE MAIL BOX! She just sneezed ^_^. I HAD to get the mail, that is MY job,
I have cheked the mail in rain, in snow, in the hot weather, and now with a wasp.

So I went back outside and sneaked to the mail box, and I carfully OPENED the mailbox, then hurried and ducked down. Nothing happended. So I carfully sneaked back up and looked in the mailbox, THEN I HEARD A BUZZING SOUND AND I HURRIED DUCKING DOWN AND CRAWLED TO THE DOOR TO SAFETY. And I went back out sneaked to the mailbox ( which was now open)
and I looked in it, no wasp. So I took the mail, brought it inside, and went to my room to tell you the story.
BYE! Abby .k. xox <3


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