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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Lucky Five

Pawbucks has something new, The Five Paw Prints. Five Lucky animals will get a golden paw,and with this golden paw you can : Get as much free Pawbucks food as you want, if you phone Pawbucks you can ask for them to make you what ever you want and more!!! One golden paw was gived out last Sunday.
Let me show you what the paws look like.

ALSO! On Sunday Esther and I went to the teddy bear picnic! If you did not go, you should go next year.
I brought my chocolate brown  Build-A-Bear named Kim ( there's one thing I REALLY like about Build-A-bears, you make them yourself at their workshop) So at the picnic my bear got to go to the the dentist and
she got a toothbrush ( Kim gave me the tooth brush for me to use) and Kim had to have an operation because she had an extra tooth that had to be pulled. She went to the eye doctor and even though she has good eyes she got some glasses. We went to the Mcdonalds stand and got a happy meal toy ( that I liked)
and Kim got wrapped up in a Mcdonald bear blanket!
We did many other things, but the two fun things were  me getting to be with my sister and going to the  Dr. Goodbear clinic. Kim got checked up an I found out she is allergic to fish and eggs! SO she got two bands saying that she is allergic.
She also had to have an epipen ( that I got to do on her) to save her because she eats fish a lot ( bears hunt for fish you know in the wild) Another good  thing about the teddybear picnic is that it is FREEAll the stops you go to with your bear are free.
Here is a photo of Eva all wet.
BYE! Abby .k. xox

                                                click on a photo to see it up close.


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