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Monday, March 11, 2013

Real Hockey And Card Party On the weekend!

My friends had a real skating party, so on Saturday morning I went to that, it was really fun, but the ice was really slippery so we were all crashing into each other! Then in the afternoon I went to a card making party for Esther's grad card invitations. They had the BEST cake- pops, and they had gluten free cookies! I LOVED them! Esther's friend had two cats, one who had eyes that looked like Gollum, and the other one who LOVED to play with bags. When I was doing handstands, one of the cats watched me like like a hawk! I think it was thinking  " Whoa  that is this? It can do handstands".   On Sunday, it was Daylight savings time, so we lost an hour of sleep. NOOOO!  I was in Child Care at Church, then I saw one of my friends. Right now I am busy entering a clay contest, and so  I am spending most of my spare time doing that. On crafty Wednesday I will show you the cards we made, and if I am done my contest entry I will show that also.  I am so sleepy. ~ Abby ca.K.e


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