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Monday, March 18, 2013

Such an awesome Party on the weekend...

   On Saturday morning, I helped dad get sand paper and a sander for a project he's working on. BUT, after a a while, it got really LOUD,dusty,  and smelly because of the sander ( a sander I think is something that sands something down for you, but I'm not sure). I have allergies with dust, dust is an extreme with me, I'll get hives and the smell of dust makes my noise runny. Mom knew it would be a hard afternoon if I was in this house full of a loud noise, and dust. ( Another thing is dad was working on the floor that has our bedrooms on, so I couldn't just go into a room).
      SO, mom phoned one of my friends, and they said I could come over. PARTY TIME!!! I knew they had the Lego Lord Of The Rings Wii game ( A.K.A, its a video game, but Plugged In and Clubhouse Magazine gave it a great review. Don't worry I wasn't playing a bloody game)  So I asked if we could play it. Thankfully they said yes. ( Another note, I've been DYING to play that game, I even dream about playing it!) We had the  best of time playing it, I loved it so so much, but because I've never played the game, my friend had to keep helping me change what my lego guy was holding for some parts of the game. If you're wondering, I mostly played Frodo, but I was Galadrial for a part.

   Then we were bored, my other friend played his trombone for us. DANCE TIME!!! ( Hahaha, joking)
On Sunday, we went to Church, planned for when our Grandma ,Grandpa and aunt come for Esther's grad, and I played some hockey. I hope you make your weekends some how interesting instead of playing video games all day. ~ Abby ca.K.e


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