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Friday, July 20, 2012

Do You Care About Candy?

Yesterday when mom was walking Eva very late at night, Eva got scratched by a cat! When mom came inside she called, " Esther I want you to look at Eva."
My heart stopped. I was in bed but I zoomed out of bed and downstairs.
"I am not sure if a cat scratched her or missed her," mom said.
After 5 minutes, Esther said, " Did she yelp"?
" no. "
She has way to much hair so if the cat scratched her, she  would have just scratched Eva's fur. 

What is your favorite candy? We are not talking about chocolate YET. This is candy.
I like a LOT of candies but my favorite candy is anything sour. I remember once I tried this gumball that said it was really sour. And IT WAS so so so sour like crazy.
Do you care what ingrediends are in your favorite candies? Do you care that most candys are just this:
Sugar, corn suryp, dye, dye, bla bla. Well do YOU? Once I found a candy that did not have the ingrediants!
IT jus said MAY comtain bla bla bla. I put the candy in water. NOthing happened? I tried the candy.
It tasted like plastic with sugar on top. The candy was called " Mini Gummy Worms". Well I'm starting to think this candy was made from worms!
BYE! Abby .k.


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