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Monday, July 16, 2012

Ice Cream

Eye sCREAM U sCREAM we all sCREAM for Eye Cream! ( I put the eye like that, I know it is was I)
Yesterday, I looked in the fridge and saw milk that was due today (we had bought it on Monday). So I made ice cream, three times.
1. In a bag and you shake it until it is ice cream.
2.Freeze the milk and add vanilla, brown sugar or stevia into it.
3. Use an Ice cream maker.
 Don't worry, I only ate a bowl full,
and the rest is for dad or when ever I want homemade ice cream. Dad likes ice cream a lot.  A LOT. My
favorite ice cream is, well I don't really have a ONE FAVORITE, so I have a couple that will ALWAYS stay on top.
Here they are, in a random order.:
Mint ( the mint that has chocolate chips), 
( the strawberry you can find in Neapolitan),
Reese cups ( the ice cream that has mini Reese cups,
Cookie dough,
Any type of ice cream that has added chocolate bar brands or candys ( like gummy-bear ice cream). I do like a lot of ice cream, but that has to be the top. WAIT I FORGOT CHOCOLATE?!!!
Nope, I don't really like chocolate ice cream, BUT I will eat it if someone forces me to eat it.


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