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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Poppys Are Red, Eva is Cute.

                                               Poppies are red,     The Water is sometimes BLUE
                                            Eva is cute,
                                               ( Remember click on a photo to see it up close)
                                                     Dad is a clown.
                          WOW! I don't think I have EVER done a blog post like that!  Two days ago
                   Dad, two of my friends, and I, went strawberry picking. We had a great time.
                  On Sunday, we went to our friends house that is out of the city.
                  Today, I did a craft ( well I started it Yesterday) Can you guess this craft?
                                         Yes, it has something to do with painting,
                                           but not all of it. I want to show you it when it is all done.
                                            It took a LOT of work, but I know I love it.

                                          This is a Hello Kitty box.
                                           Click on a photo to see it up close.

                                           Does it look good?
      Abby .k.


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