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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Cupcake trade

Yesterday at musical, I brought Cupcakes. Unhealthy with yucky sugar and butter. I am such a bad friend!
( well not really because my friend wanted me to bake cupcakes to proove I am not a healthy freak) So I brought the cupcakes, gave two of the cupcakes to two of my friends. Then my other friends came from buying chips.
 I don't remember which friend started it but one of them said, " I will give you a handful of chips for a cupcake". OKAY! Then the cupcake trade started! I would trade a cupcake for a handfull of chips ( the handfull was as big as the cupcake) and I shared the chips with my friends whom I had given the cupcakes to first. It was fun. At the end of musical I had two un iced cupcakes.
I saw someone from musical last year who was just dropping by, " Cory would you like a cupcake?" I said.
 "You made it ? Okay! "Cory said. Cory and Esther talked when I looked for the other lucky person who would get the last cupcake. THE LAST CUPCAKE. I went to a group of people talking and I said " Who wants the last cupcake?"
About five poeple put their hand up. The lucky person was Crysilyn ( a girl). Then I went home and ate watermelon.
ABby .k.


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