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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What To blog Post?

What should I blog post about? You all know I am cute, OH I KNOW!
A few days ago, someone in the family ( I can't remember who) let me outside in my- um- I mean our back yard. I was having a great time, sniffing around. After a while I was getting hot. I looked at the door.
IT WAS CLOSED! How was I going to get inside? I didn't know if my mommy was home or not.! I hurried to the door and started barking and barking. I did not stop. Mommy opened the door. Then I ran to my water, lapped some up, and Abby came, all mad that someone left me outside.
This happened a couple of times, EVEN AT NIGHT! When Janice was watering the plants, ( at night)
I did not know where she went. The door was closed again! I was getting tired of this but I barked and barked, until mommy opened the door.  Abby was in bed by now, and I heard her scream and run down stairs to see if I was okay! I have been left out a lot of times but (Janice is the one leaving me outside)
I just pray that someone will let me in. You should always pray when you need help.
Licks and Wags, Eva


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