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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

I know, this is two days late. But I have a reason ( two) Eva is cute. ( one) I was busy ( NOT).
What did you do for Canada day? We went to church, ( have a told you that dad is my servant on Sunday? I force him to carry my bag of stuff to do, and in return I walk with him) After church we went home and had a light lunch, packed up, and went to Hawaii ( that's why I have not been blogging!) At Hawaii we had this really cool- OkAY OKAY!!! We did not go to Hawaii we went to Alaska!
No, we went to the beach ( we did not go to Alaska). The beach was a 1 and a half hours from the city, and there was a LOT of people but we found a sand dune and camped there. Dad and I also went swimming, to the farthest we could.
The day went by. We came home, fed Eva. ( She did not come with us). Then at night,  dad and I went
to the forks on the bridge to watch the fireworks! We met our friends there, watched the fireworks. And Dad and I went home and ESTHER WAS ALREADY IN BED AND SLEEPING! That's how late it was!
How did I like the fireworks? It just felt like the New Year's  fire works, but just on the bridge with friends ( two)
so really, I would  rather just stay home and kiss Eva.
Abby .k.


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