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Monday, July 30, 2012

What We Did On The Weekend

On Friday, our family and my best freind's family went to ballet in the park. Then after it was over we went for ice cream, and then us kids ( my best freind her younger brother and I) hid from our parents.
( Eva did not come).
On Saturday, I packed for- something I will tell you later on. Then I packed Eva's stuff. In the evening our family went to the van and drove. We went to a "Bed & Breakfast".
But this was a really cool one, we where in the basement of this house, and the basment did not seem like a basement. It seemed like a house with a patio.
Dad and Mom got one room and a bathroom bigger than my room. Esther and I got a room and across from it was our bathroom. ( in both rooms were goodiebags that had chips and bars and chocolate) We got a kitchen and a dining room, a living room, and this patio thingy that Eva was going to stay in because dogs aren't aloud there.
Now I will tell you what we did that evening.  The place had a BIG back yard with a beach with beach chairs and kayaks and a canoe and a paddle boat that you paddle with your legs. Esther and I went on the paddle boat with Eva, while dad and mom took the two kyaks. Esther and I were really good at the paddle boat, one thing about this lake
is that there where boats coming back and forth, and right across the lake was a field of cows.
The hard part was making sure,
1. You did not get creamed by the boats.
2. The waves did not dump you over.

Dad was great on the kayak and going on the waves! But well, mom didn't do so good.
When Esther and I were paddleing, dad amd Esther switched on the lake! ( So dad was on the kayak
and Esther was in the paddle boat and dad got out of the kayak and Esther went into it) ( And I was holding Eva the whole time) 
After a while Mom wnt back to the beach and I took the kayak out, because there were two kayaks, Esther and I went out together. At night we had a marshmellow roast on the beach. ( with Eva)
and then bla bla boring. Then we went to bed.
In the morning we went kayaking and mom and dad went into the canoe. bla bla bla.
We went to a moving bridge bla bla, then we went to Pinawa Dam.
And there is a small water fallish place that poeple use as a waterslide.
There is a risk if you go on this thing, you could:
1. Drown because at one part the water takes you under and then when you think you are back up and done, the water takes you back down.
2. This is made out of rocks, so you can get hurt and get your fingers stuck in the rock cracks.
But Esther, dad and I all went down, Esther got hurt.
Then dad got hurt.
So I was left.
The last time I went down, the water REALLY pulled me down and I had to try to swim up!
Then we had to go home.
On the way home was really fun.  Eva was put in her kennel. And we saw clouds moving,
I saw shapes  that moved and it was fun THEN the weather started to look like tornado weather.
So I looked in the clouds and I was trying to look for funnel clouds because they made tornados.
Far away I saw a funnel, but then it went away. It started to rain YAY! But then the rain went down too much, we could not see, so we found this turn off, that was right beside the road. Almost every car did the same thing, and some stopped right where they where.
Time passed and the rain cooled down. We went home bla bla bla. The End
If you think this was along post, then I think this maybe made up for missing posting?
Abby .k.


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