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Thursday, April 4, 2013

2 More Days Until Rosebud! Changes in the Blog

I've been looking at the blog lately, and I'm finding I need to change some stuff. Maybe the color of the words? I'm going to start changing the blog, but don't worry I'll ask Eva if I can do everything. First off, instead of it just being Eva answering comments and stuff, I've now made it Eva and Abby. Eva isn't the only one who does blog posts, and I think I should get some credit? Also, in the about me part of the blog, I've added some stuff about me. I'm going to do some changes in the blog, and if you don't like the new layouts that I will be doing, please tell me. I've seen bloggers and websites change their layouts, and I hate them. So that's why I'm just saying, something new you don't like? Comment on a post ( Maybe this one) and I might change it. I might try having all the words this color, or this colour. You might see a post with every word the color of the rainbow!!!  I'm really starting to like this orange color. Hmmm.... Maybe  the background color will change. Wait, I don't like the yellow background. Halloween colors right here!  I haven't packed for Rosebud yet, neither have I packed stuff to do in the Van. I'm decided, to bring my LPS Walkables. I love them too much to leave them in the house with dad. What about Playmobil? I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to bring my Playmibil, but I love them WAY to much, I would be Ok, if I lost a Littlest Pet Shop in the Van, but a Playmobil? Never have I brought them on a trip. I LOVE them too much.  Is there something you had when you where a child that you still love? I will always love playmobil, and I know a mother who collects Playmobil! Now that's pawesome! ( Pawesome is like awesome, but for us doggy lovers!)
The movies we have for the trip is Cars. I've watched in on the plane to Disneyland. Esther didn't get to watch some parts of it on the plane, so in the car she'll watch it. I think I like this layout the best, sorry for the crazy post!! ~ Abby ca.K.e


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