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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Party on the Weekend!

I see, that I haven't been blogging lately. Because we still have snow, March was more like December. There was nothing to blog post about, I'm busy with stuff, but nothing I thought you would find interesting. I PROMISE this week will have a post every day! On Friday we went to the Good Friday service at our church  and  I worked ( Yes I have a job! Its a cleaning job).On Saturday I went to our Scrapbooking meeting we do once every month and I won the $60 gift card to the store this month! The great thing about the Scrapbooking club we're in, is that you pay $10 every month, but everyone gets the $60 dollar gift card at the end on the six months! So you get back what you pay! I also went to a friend's house, who is a new friend, who I met earlier on that week. I showed my friend and her friend how to make mini food out of the clay I use! Then we watched a movie called " Monster In Paris".
* NOTE, this is not my picture, I copied this from Google, all the credit goes to Google, and who's website this was from*
Here is a picture of the movie. It's about this flea who is really tall, and can sing really well! How did the flea become really tall and have a a voice like an angel? This scientist had a potion that made you very tall, and a potion that made you sing amazing. The two dropped off the shelf, and mixed together, and a flea who was flying got both the potions on him, so he got really tall, and had an amazing voice. In the picture you see, the big tall guy is the flea, because everyone thought he was a monster, but that girl you see in the photo loved his voice, so she dressed him up so then he could sing with her. I LOVED the movie, and the singers where amazing. On Sunday we went to our church's Easter service, then we went to our friends' Easter service because they where playing in the Orchestra n the service ( and they did AMAZING!!). We went on a walk, and made Easter eggs. Here are the photos from the weekend.
 I forgot to mention, we did this wisdom and folly feast, so I made a wisdom and folly feast out of clay. This is Folly's feast.
                                             This is wisdom's feast, yes I chose Frodo to be the host of this dinner.
                                            Mom and I made a healthy  rice crispies tomb!
                                              Does it look good?
                                                 After, yes we don't like eating candy...
                              Guess who did which egg. Did mom do the right one, and did I do the left one?
                                              Mom did this one ( It's not finished yet)

                                                 And I did this one ( Not finished yet)
                                           Eva, please don't leave me to do all of the blog posts! ~ Abby ca.K.e


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