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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3 More Days Until Rosebud!!!

Today we're going to the Library! I'm planning to get some books, and mom said we could MAYBE get four movies, ( watch two on the way to Rosebud, watch two on the way back) I've thought of some other movies I want to bring Tangled, Up, Wall-E. If you haven't noticed, they're all Disneyland and Pixar movies!
Now for something more important,There is a blogger I read who needs more readers, more comments, she deserves to be more famous than Santa, the blog I want to talk about today is called " Lets Cook!". She does some healthy recipes, and explains everything clearly. Click " Lets Cook" to get to her blog!!
 In March, she asked her readers to send her requests for recipes ( Or what I did was I requested a theme to be turned into a recipe).  But, what I need YOU to do, is send in YOUR requests to Anna! ( Anna is the lovely lady who writes this blog) This means if you want to know how to make a cherry pie, ask her and she might do a post on how to make a cherry pie! Ever wondered if you could make a Mother's day meal? Send her an email, and she'll be glad to help! Here is her email:  Or if you want to read more about how this sending requests work, check out her post explaining it: .
One thing I loved was, I requested her to do something Mickey Mouse themed. She did the most lovely thing, had an idea to make a Mickey mouse cake AND Mickey Mouse cupcakes! ( I'm planning to make the cupcakes and send her a picture).  Here is the post about the Mickey Mouse cake and Cupcakes:
So please, check out her blog, she deserves to be more famous than Santa.
 Abby ca.K.e


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