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Friday, August 31, 2012


Have you ever heard the song from VeggieTales " We are the grapes of wrath we never take a bath bla bla bla"?    Well I think I'm a grape because I hardly take a bath, oh wait. If mom sees this she's going to say I need a bath, but I had one on Wensday, so I think I'm safe. Did you know we grow grapes in our front yard? Also have you ever tried FROZEN grapes? They are THE BEST. Photo time! This is what Eva was doing when I was posting:

                                             Here are some grapes!

                                               Theese are freezed ya know
                                                  Eva's Paw!
                                                  This is what it looked like BEFORE I picked some of the grapes!
                                                        Thats it for today! See me or Eva on Monday! BYE,
                                                              Abby .k.


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